Most intense photo ever taken?

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  1. wow so the guy who got shot dead made a picture of the murderer a second before getting killed? thats crazy/...
  2. You would think he would have noticed having his picture taken and snatched the camera but I guess he isn't so bright.
  3. Those women are clueless to the mad man behind them. :(
  4. That's intense like camping.
  5. no .. visit the ync...

    this is nothing... I promise you.
  6. I've seen multiple videos of beheadings, dude chopping his dick off, girls eating shit, dude ripping his asshole open etc.

    Obviously its not the most intense photo taken, i didn't expect anyone to take that literally, but it is motherfucking intense :devious:.
  7. [​IMG]

    I always found that one to be intense. Mostly because of the story behind it. The guy holding the gun was actually a general and the guy who gets shot was one of the "bad guys" or whatever. Many people didn't know this, so eventually they found the dude (he was working at a bar or something, and a guy recognized him from the photo) and started harassing him and shit. :(
  8. the guy probably ran up all fast full of adrenaline and the only thing that was on his mind was shooting the poor guy...he died?
  9. damnnnn that is caRAAAZYYYY
  10. Yes, the Phillipine official who took the pic was killed by the gunman.
  11. THIS PICTURE MADE ME LAUGH SOOO HARD FOR A MINUTE!!!! I think it's just the expressions on there face it's hilarious!

  12. yup, the expression on a human face as a bullet is passing through their brain is pretty funny
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    not funny at all person ^

    your lack of sympathy is depressing

    this immediately comes to mind to describe what you have just displayed
    how society has desensitized itself from the common plight of humanity
    and if your just trolling FUCK YOU

    EDIT to feed your hed click somewhere up there ^
  14. This picture actually made me a laugh a lot too and I am trolling like a boss.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. what do you mean intense photo?
  17. [​IMG]

    I felt some intense emotions when I first found out about this pic, does that qualify?
  18. fuck you troll!!!!

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