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    Yesterday morning i had the most amazing experience with lsd ever.
    Me and a friend of mine both took 5 hits. After being dazzled with the most intense body high, tracers, and patterns everywhere. I decided to sit back, and let the pink floyd subdue my consciousness. I sit back on my bed,adoring the dancing patterns flowing and changing colors with the music, while watching my fan spin, i look deep into the light bulb, and things started to wave. If youve ever tried nitrous, (whip its) it was sort of like the "Wah wahs". The center circle in my light bulb started to spin,and i felt my body relax as an unbelievable wave of excstacty surged through my body, almost causing me to pass out. The music was deffinately climaxing at this point. All color in and around the center of my room rushed out and danced in waves around my head. So the entire celing in my room; fan and all is black and white, all other colors are dancing to the music. I merely relax and let the moment flow. a few seconds later i regain total control and jump to my feet.

    That had to be the most amazing feeling or experience ever. That is the best way i can describe it. The visuals where insane. Does any one have any insight on what happened at all? I felt like i had an insanely vivid trip.
  2. my friend was on 3 hits and was playing with "colorful flowers" at night in a dark patch of grass n dirt
  3. a few seconds later you gained control and jumped to your feet?
    acid mostly makes me retarded and overwhelms me.. i normally end up sitting down and tripping balls for the full trip.. and by the end of the long trip i'm far from in total control and on my feet.. i'm ready for bed haha
  4. You sound like the right type of person to do stronger psychedelics.
  5. damn man sounds like fun. I look forward to trying acid this summer, if all goes well.
  6. "If youve ever tried nitrous, (whip its) it was sort of like the "Wah wahs"

    apart from that, It sounded like a Very nice exp.
  7. ive been thinking the same as well.
    but i'm not too sure what else to try.
    mescaline? 2ci? dmt?
    these things are kind of hard to get a hold of, but in a huge city like austin....i'm sure its possible.
    what did you have in mind?
    I'm not too fond of the nitrous experience either, but this was so subtle and yet so intense, it was all pleasurable. There was never a moment where i didn't relax, and let it all flow through me.
  8. High doses of LSD = amazingly godlike eupohira. Took 10 and holy shit my body felt like it's never felt before. Better than opiates, MDMA, anything. Concur, best experience ever and a must try.
  9. 10 hits would be intense.
    I need to build up my tollerance a bit more before i take that many.
    probably try 7 then 8-9 then 10.
  10. Man I sure miss amyl nitrate... That stuff was whip its X 100! Freaking cheap too when it was legal and I wouldn't even know where you get it these days :(

    Most intense experience ever for me was with my girlfriend and amyl nitrate. You whiff it before you orgasm and it's the most intense thing ever.

    I told her good thing they made this shit illegal or we'd have brain damage in a month, lol.
  11. The highest dosage I took before the 10 strip was 4 on numerous occasions. I'd say if you feel like you could handle more every time you drop, then you shouldn't have an issue with 10.
  12. Awesome to hear, sounds like you finally took the 'proper' amount of acid... there is a big difference between a 50-100 ug trip and a 250-500 ug trip! I know the exact feeling you mean, the whole body alive with sensation and overwhelming visuals, I enjoyed some fractal clouds a few days ago and that 10strip isnt going to last much longer after reading this! :D +rep

  13. uhhh yea

    u tripped balls bro:wave:
  14. lol.
    and it was amazing.
    i would love to capitalize on that amazing feeling, and multiply it.
    i'm going to have to dance with LSD again, some time soon.
    i also intend on trying morning glory seeds.
  15. damn you make LSD sound great...I can't believe there is a feeling better than rolling reallly hard on this is something I must try!
  16. great doesnt begin to describe how good i was feeling.
    I feel like a very spiritual person any ways, this helped capitalize on that.
    It is definitely something i recommend trying.

    Next time i plan on listening to a compilation of Matisyahu, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors.
    This wednesday coming up :D
  17. LSD > MDMA pho sho.
  18. Next to marijuana, LSD is by far my favorite drug.
    If only i didnt have to wait so long between trips :p

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