Most ignorant thing you've heard someone say about the sweet maryjane?

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. The most ignorant thing ive heard someone say about bud is "Did you know when you take one puff of weed you will never ever be happy again after you come down? thats why the addicts keep smoking" my jaw dropped when some chick said that to me. I was speechless my brain could not comprehend the ignorance I just witnessed. I explained to her how it really is but she refused to listen to my non-propoganda. What about you sweetiepies?
  2. The dumbest thing I ever heard was post-9/11 when they tried to link weed to terrorism
  3. Shit man thats pathetic.
  4. Its been years since someone has tried to talk propaganda to me, I dont even recall the last thing. Or maybe I have just learned to tune them out..
  5. hahahaha

    wow mad laughs
    people these days...:rolleyes:
  6. In front of our school there is some bushes, in the spring they produce flower buds.
    This one kid hangs around with me and my freinds alot and is unliked by us.

    ME: Dudddeee! look at these leaves, they are definately weed leaves (I took some and bunches them up showed them to him)


    The buds were just fucking flower buds, but the kid had only smoked a couple of times, never owned his own weed. Needless to say he has never lived it down
  7. "cant you die from it like heroine?"


    "weed is dangerous, its worse than crack even"

  8. Just common shit. Gateway, cancer, brain-cells, condemned to academic failure, overdosing, etc. LOL
  9. LAWL I remember that, it's hysterical. Not to mention the fact that people profiting off of war is what fueled terrorism.

    I remember back in 5th grade in DARE they told us that weed makes you lose all of your friends. For one it tells me who my real friends are because they don't try to control my life.

    haha i remember having to do this skit about refusing weed at our "DARE graduation" in front of the whole school. I walked around the whole week before with a fake joint practicing because I played the dealer. I got stopped so many times and they would freak out and look at it. A teacher actually walked up to me yelling, "that thing makes you so stupid you are doing it the school hall." Made her look like a dumb bitch when she tried to put the thing out only to find it was paper+red & yellow crayola.
  10. you can tell its hydro, look its orange colored

  11. nah thats you being a dick. You must be in 8th grade.
  12. Likewise. That pissed me off so much I shit pure rage for a month.
  13. hahaha that made me giggle.that is pretty ignorant.

  14. 9 back then
  15. Mine wasn't actually anti-weed. Someone tried selling me a bag with little worms in the weed and he called them "THC worms". He said they actually contian THC and that I would get higher from smoking them. I looked at him dumbfounded and said "No thanks."
  16. THC worms strike again
  17. hahahaha weve actually had some guys in this site that claim to have smoking these and getting completely ripped.:laughing:
  18. sorry to say, weed is a gateway drugg for myself and MANY others

    but a gateway to good things, like shrooms and LSD looking for a deeper meening and understanding not things like heroin and crack:cool:
  19. "Weed is not a drug."

  20. Haha yeah thc worms are real. I've actually had a few in my crop last will get nicely medicated from them but the flowers are better imo.

    "Pot makes you lazy, dumb, and destroys your brain." Typical sterotype shit.

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