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most "fun" strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dalulz, May 9, 2011.

  1. the ones that make you very giggly and more of the psychedelic effects
  2. Durban Poison
  3. smiley face kush
  4. Jack Herrer
  5. sour d or a haze strain
  6. yeeeeeee
  7. Sour Diesel for mid level to experienced smokers

    Sour Kush is excellent as well
  8. ^yuryur
  9. It's gonna be different for every person, but I prefer white widow. Very fun if you can avoid the couch lock.
  10. Take this shit to apprentice tokers.

  11. I agree, WW is awesome. Real smooth and tasty too
  12. Tangerine and blueberry for me
  13. lol what is this
  14. :cool:There all fun bro...

  15. hahaha, your pic is legit.:hello:
  16. Cinderella 99
  17. id go with some purple haze
  18. Jack the Ripper, White Widow, Or Sour D

    Ive had the best nights ever with those bad boys
  19. Sensi Star
  20. Afgoo and AK47.

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