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  1. What's the most fucked up thing you have heard someone say to or do to someone else, or to you.
    My math teacher use to rage on this legally blind kid every day, the kid would ask a question then would just get his butthole destroyed. Shit was hilariously fucked up.
  2. Spent 18 hours in pre-class for a DUI. While I was there another prisoner started having an asthma attack and was begging the guards to let him go the infirmary but they just kept yelling at him to shut up. Finally after arguing for about 3 minutes or so the four guards started beating the fuck out of the guy until he was unconscious.

    That is definitely the most fucked up thing I have ever seen people do to another person.
  3. Wow that is complete disregard for another human being. It is just shocking to me how many people like positions of power simply to abuse their power.
  4. Yeah dude. It was incredibly unsettling. I will never forget it. Just remember, the police are not there to protect you and they are not your friend. They exist to bleed money from you for their government, and if you insist you have rights they will fuck you up. Who is going to help you? No one will believe your word against a cops word.
  5. Yea thats why now is the time for a revolution, the only thing that needs to be done for wide spread support is the spread of information and proof of government corruption.
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    I think it's the easy route to blame law enforcement. It reminds me of people bitching about their elected officals being real cuntbags. At the end of the day is it the people or the system that is fucked? I'm not claiming that what you've said isn't true to some extent. At this point in time the police are out there to fill a quota and it's usually met once prisons are filled. It's what we as a people have brought upon ourselves in addition to the others who have chosen not to speak up. Honestly, I like LEOs. They aren't all sick deluded pigs. A select few officers are plastered up when they are excessive. Yet, I try to not judge them all based off a minority of power-crazed citizens in costumes. For me hating all police for their ignorance, or the acceptance of the current situation is silly. Perhaps its from personal experience since the few cops I do know are generally pretty great people. They know the law and they know what they will and will not put up with. Those who fear cops for other reasons than marijuana, their anxiety projects out on others..
    I also had a conversation before about "excessive force" with a LEO.
    Lets just say you can't turn on a fellow officer.. or else.
  7. Yea I agree with you the system is fucked up but this is not a political thread and I would rather not talk politics. However I thank you for viewing and commenting on my thread and if you have a story or something that relates to the topic to say you are more than welcome too.
  8. Thanks for the insight officer  :wave: ;)

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