most fucked up thing lol

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tweeka4eva, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. ok last night we had a big ass storm so i moved the plant in under the little lean to thing adn this mornin i went out there and theses big fucking flies were hangin under everyoen of the damn leaves i wa like whoa shit lol but they were like half dead they wee bearly movin and they couldnt flie so i killed em all lol any wayas what do yall think they were doin on there mabe getin out the rain??
  2. dont spider mites develop into some sorta flies..? im pretty sure they do... i had a big problem with them when i first started growing... they lay their egg sacks underneath the leaves.. then i started seeing more, supertiny white/grey bugs (almost microscopic) crawling all over the soil and leaves and tiny flies were flying around... they were a bitch to get rid of... if you see any small brown/dead patches in your leaves that is your problem... otherwise i have no idea... just hope they don't come back
  3. how big were they?

    were they really lacy looking?
  4. they may be gnomes of some sort... are they stealing your underwear by chance?

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