Most fucked up day of my life.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bjpeterson420, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Me my friend and my girl as a friend goto her friends house my EX girlfriend. So we get there just chillin in the basement and my girl as a friend say I have some weed. And my EX says will you smoke me up and i said no. Then like 5 mins later shes like ill suck your dick and your friends so im like ok. So she tells me and my friend to come back later. So I just come back around 12am. Get my ........... then shes like lets go outside and smoke the joint so we get outside and im like im not smoking the joint with you then I took off. Well me and my 3 friends were just chillin at his house when a van pulls up full of fat bitches. They ask for me so I go outside and this huge bitch is like you raped my friend and im like wtf. I start wiggin out and shit. I told them the story but didnt belive me. So ima talk to my EX gf today and she what she says. Then im gonna call my laywer explain to him and take her ass to court.
    (My ex is crazy she OD once and got sent away, and all this because i didnt smoke a joint with her)
    Man this shit is gonna go around that a raped someone. My reputation is fucked now.
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  2. Well , I mean she did suck yo dick and your friends for that matter, and you don't even have the sense to smoke a joint with her. Karma? Just go smoke a j with her maybe she will shut up
  3. I dont have a joint to smoke with her.
  4. wow dude...that really sucks, hope all goes well for you
  5. Dude you're seriously one of the dumbest bastards I've ever come across in this life.....

    You make an oral agreement with this girl then she puts trust in you and provides her half of the service to you and you stiff her. It's like you stole as you gained from the encounter without losing a thing.

    Btw taking it to'd be even more of a moron to attempt this...

    I hope she wins... cuz karmas a bitch and you picked the dumbest little thing to screw another soul out of.
  6. Its just a joint. She was my EX gf and she gave me head when we were going out for nuothing. So what does that tell you this bitch is crazy. Btw wtf is karmas?
  7. oral agreements aren't legally binding if there's something in the contract that is illicit.. in this case it's prostitution and smoking marijuana..

  8. exactly why I called him a moron for even considering court... lol

    Dude by your logic I should be able to fuck any ex any time for no reason unwilingly just for shits an giggles.

    Uh Karma's a bitch...she/she/it really doesn't like idiots fucking other idiots'll see. :)

  9. You lost your reputation when you lied to her. You gave her your word you would blaze her if she gave you a blowjob and then you screwed her over, give her a fucking gram or something. You shouldn't have screwed her over in the first place you fool.
  10. Ya come to think about I fell like a dickhead.
  11. damn thats f-ed up, you shoulda stayed true 2 your word about it..

  12. Heres a nice solution...

    3 condoms - 5.49
    1 8th of mids - 25.00
    1 tube of ky - 5.59
    2 cigars - 2.43

    Smoking up then trading the rest of bud for some nice anal sex and a rim job after fucking ex over once before - priceless
  13. this guy's always posting garbage like this. i understand that people have unlikely events occur in their lives, but it seems like this guy and killtheclown both have some sexually related shenanigan every week (separate, of course). i don't buy it. but if it is true bj is a piece of shit (a point that's been proven many times) who really needs to reconsider his life, and he needs to reconsider who he dates. the girl offered a blowjob for a tiny bit of weed. that's some ghetto shit - why date trash like that? then, he doesn't even go through on his part of the offer. that's some bangbus shit. bj, you should be jealous of diarrhea. it's better than you.
  14. lol, 5.50 for 3 condoms?! yeah man, its kinda fucked up that she sucked both of your about a slut. and it was also fucked up that u didnt smoke her up ...what come around goes around.

  15. in response to the ghetto post and this one...typical response?

    "these are them animal based rubbers and ma girl done gets hungery after we fuck...we have a toaster oven in are bedroom and it dose her cravin' just fine."
  16. dude thats kinda fucked up. you shoulda smoked the j w/ her.

    but that iskind afunny :-D
  17. Wait wait wait.... so all of you guys are saying you'd smoke a jay wiht a girl that just sucked your dick then your friends dick? lolllll just wondering if anyone thought of this im not saying the guys cool hes a complete dick if i were him i'd just give her the jay........
  18. i was hoping either a.) that fat bitch stole you in the jaw or b.) you slapped the fat bitch... but i woulda smoked the j with her first and then got my dick sucked, why get your dick sucked then smoke a j when i can smoke a j and get my dick sucked shit be better after your high. but man thats some jank shit to do and i would just give her a gram or eat her out or something i dunno man... or smoke a blunt with her then have her suck yo dick again
  19. yea i gotta agree wit butter on this 1 u fucked ur self over when u didnt smoke that j wit her. Fuckin is better when ur high n e wayz. at least to me it is. If i was that girl i woulda stole on ur ass and took that j outa ur pocket.

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