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Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. I must say, is the funniest fucking show on television. It's on Spike, that new channel 'just for guys'. Its a bunch of Chinese people get owneds doing stupid shit like running over a bunch of spinning logs or trying to catch soccers balls that are lanced like 400 feet in the air. Then they do voice overs in english and make fun of the Chinese people really badly. The hosts are fuckin funny to, Ken and somthing... Anyway, its on A LOT, like its been on for 2 hours now, so everyone should get stoned and watch it, as I can almost gurantee laughter.

    (i'm not racist or anything, so don't tell me how badly the Chinese people are fucked over on this show)

  2. Haha, yeah I seen that show when I was all stoned. It kicks ass, funny as hell. Whats your favourite challenge? Mine would have to be where they have that platform in the water and they gotta jump off the thing with that long pole. Its hilarious, most of em fall right in, no chance, haha. Oh, and Ive seen that one when they run across those boulders stickin out of the water. Haha, and some of em sink, and one guy was racin across em, totally wiped out and went face first into a rock at like max speed. Looked so painful, but I laughed my ass off.
  3. haha exactly! I feel so sorry for the poor bastards! (not really lol ;) )

    My favorite is were all the logs are set up and they have to run across 7 of them and they all spin and shit, and this one lady got totally OWNED by the log, broke her nose and shit, and they still made fun of her, god damn!
  4. the first time I saw that show I was high, its fucking awesome. I noticed that when they show the two hosts and a group of people with them there's like this big samurai or something to the far right of them. I don't know if he's always there... plus I was high.
  5. haha i noticed that too, i think the whole show is just a small part of a real chinese show, because it says "footage for MXC was taken from Haitshkue's (or somthing) Castle"

    but yea, its been on for 3 hours now, im really fucking baked and ever one is funnier then the other
  6. please please please god someone tell me they just saw the woment hit her head on the log not once, but TWICE! THAT LOOKED SO INSANLEY PAINFUL!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWW!!!!! :eek:
  7. It's Japanese. The show was originally Tokeshi's Castle. It essentially is just a bunch of crazed to win Japanese people. What we see on Spike is that old gameshow with crazy dubbing.
  8. Yeh its called Takeshi's Castle here in the UK and its probably my favourite stoner TV show righ tnow, pure brilliance for laughing fits.

  9. whoops, sorry for the mixup, hope I didn't piss of anyone.

    but I'm glad to hear its a show in the UK to, cause now I can go d/l a bunch of those ep of Kazaa!
  10. MEEC is hilarious. I watch it all the time
  11. All the footage they use is from an 80's TV game show in Japan: Takeshi's Castle (as mentioned above).

    The hosts are Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano.

    Currently my fav TV show.

  12. classic! i love it. always funny.

    great show to smoke too. you dont really need to pay attention to get the laughs, everytime you look up its hilarious.
  13. Yeah Takeshi's castle has been on here in the UK for awhile now, it is dubbed by a guy called Craig Charles, who was in a show called Red Dwarf. I dont think the narraters have a fucking clue whats going, but they try hard. The people who throw shit at the contestents are called the "emerald guard".
  14. it'll never beat Banzai. Man that programme kicks ass. Who will win- Pat Sharpe or a Genuine German?
  15. Pat Sharpe? that fun house fucker, I wonder how the twins are doing?
  16. Most Xtreme Challange is awesome. Best show to smoke and watch if you're looking for some laughter.

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