most exotic strain you ever smoked

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  1. My most exotic is probably a tie between northern lights and popcorn piff
  2. Red Diesel = (Red Dragon X Sour D)

    the flavor and high is bomb.:hippie:
  3. god bud,mixed with some dank ass bubble hash. mix that all together with lsd molly and coke and a 1.5 gram shroom ooooooooooooohhhhh fuck you got yourself a day right there!!!! (im not trying to sound like a show off i was just at schwagfest and i met alot of really nice people that offered me free drugs lol

    peace man
  4. fruity pebbles. OG kush. Acapulco gold. nl lights #'s 3 & 5, ak-47, grand daddy purp, white widow, TRAINWRECK, hot damn i forgot about trainwreck.

    mostly everything else is in the middle for me. but i would go out of my way to get these strains.
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    I think it was some form of Afghani Kush, not exactly sure what it was but my dealer was very happy when he got it, And had him on his ass.
  6. Blue dreams that I got like a year ago. The blue dreams I can get now isn't the same as it used to be. And super silver haze, shit was so dank when burned sounded like lighting a bowl of leaves on fire it just crackled n crunched.
  7. Malawi Gold
  8. most exotic was this white rhino (thats what my dude called it but it doesnt really look like what i see when i search for it)

    but man i remember taking a picture of it with my little 1.3 mp camera on my phone and all it looked like was white

    sooo good :)
  9. probably PC-19 since i can't find any info on it anywhere and it was one hit wonder
  10. for me i think its a tie between afgoo and apollo. both excellent strains.
  11. I don't pay attention to names 90% it's not even the right name or
    it's made up.

    Sometimes even the grower does'nt know what the hell he's growing.

    But the most exotic batch I've had was some "Ak47xGreen crack" supposedly.

    But it was definitely a step above any dank I've ever seen.The smell was unique,did'nt even smell like marijuana,more like some other kind
    of material.

    The taste was out of this world,kind of like citrus and some kind of
    herbal flavor it was weird.

    That and of course good ol GDP,these 2 strains are by far what I would
    like to smoke everyday.
  12. Bahia Blackhead
    Orange Apollo
    Super Cough (Super Skunk x Strawberry Cough)
    White Russian (White Widow x AK47)
    Grandmaster Kush x GDP
    LA Confidential x Lemon Haze
    Super Silver Haze

    Those are the best I've smoked, with Bahia Blackhead being by far the best
  13. so far the best i've smoked have been:

    afgoo x cheese (very strong diesal kind of smell. gassy high)

    AK-47 (i think this was standardized in 1992 and is like a mix of 4 land race strains - columbian (sativa), mexican (sativa), thai (sativa) and afghani (indica) amazing piney/skunky tasting strain thats a sativa heavy w/ enough indica to chill out too. great for pain, like in the neck or back perhaps. frosty looking.)
  14. once i smoked a little vietnamese boy, that was a laugh lol
  15. UK Cheese :smoke:
  16. This.

    As a grower, I usually know what I'm growing, but I have a couple of mystery sativas floating around, they're mainstream strains, but the seeds came from a pack of "Premium Seeds Mix," so I don't know what they are. I suspect one is Neville's Haze, but it's one of the other ones that really gets me fucked up, I trip balls every time I smoke it.
  17. white rhinooo
  18. by "exotic" I'm guessing you mean least dutchified? for me that'd be some colombian sativa grown outdoor on hilo-side of the big island, brudda.
  19. umm blue berry,popcorn, and white rhino. mmmm white rhino soo stoney. :smoke:

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