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  1. Ok so it all started off awhile go when my parents told me i had to go up to UCF college to to help my sister move in her dorm room. i didnt really think about it untill the night before which as friday night i was like FUCK! but w.e i promised my dad i would. So i wake up saturday morning at 8 and take a shower and smoke a bowl of fire middies i got last night at a party got a quarter for 20:) anyways i only get to burn one small bowl.

    W.e so were taking two cars my parents in their car and me in my sisters car, keep in mind my sister is anal about me being in her car because i always bring weed in it and shes actually kicked me out of it in the middle of nowhere because of it lol. so anyways to the story were driving for about 2 hours i think i was sleeping and my sister gets a call from my parents who we were following saying were getting off at the next rest stop and im like no im soo tired and there like yes we have to go to the bathroom im like of ill get starbucks and wake up. W.e so me my sis mom and dad are walking in the parking lot and im looking down and i see a fucking CONDOMN FILLED WITH WEED! but i looked at it like nooooooo it cant be?? and my sister looks at me staring at it with the most envy in my eyes.

    and she says dont even think about it and i say come one theres gotta be an excpeption for free shit she said hell no so i walk past in in such pain lol so we walk inside and im thinking how i can run back out there and look at it again so we we walk in and i see dunking donuts which i dont like so i insantly say i hate dunking donuts and i run back outside and my sis and paretns are like wtf lol, so i run back frantically looking for it and WELL AH! i found it in the same spot and i picked it up and it was like fattest condomn filled with some good smellin shit!!!!

    I smelled it and instantyl threw it in my waistband and my sis just turn the corner when i get it in and shes like nick did u put it in ur pocket im like no look!empties them and shes like ok good and im like it couldnt have been weed hahaha lol even tho i knew. I was sooo excited in the car ride!! omg i couldnt beleive what had happend. the cr started reaking so i had to keep opening the windows and she asked at the end why her car smells like weed and im like idk i swear and shes like w.e and im like yes! i knew it was a good amount so i kept looking at it whenever i got a chance so the ride home with my parents was amazing hahaha lol i got picked up and instantly went to a party, which is the same party im going to tonight! But i didnt realize how much it was untilll i cut open the condomn and put it in a big bag and DAYUMMMNNNN it was a lil less than an ounce and i got my quarter from before! im so happy by far the most epic findin history
  2. that sounds a bit sketchy why was it in a condom and not a bag sounds like someone was hiding it in a not so sanitary place but nice find regs or dank?
  3. it honestly REEEEEKED but i swear its like 3/4 bomg digity medical and like a tiny tiny middies! lol im soo happy u have no idea now ihave like 3/4 of an ounce lol
  4. Lucky man. Throw up some pics. :hello:
  5. condom or not... free fuckin dank.
    nice find.
  6. ill try to put up some pics lol im rele not up for it but ill try to gather the motivation for u guys lol im rolling out to my same party at 9:30 10:00 tonight gonna be sick
  7. 6 eighthes of good weed sounds like it wouldn't fit in any condom
  8. someone must of dropped it and is looking everywhere for it
    they must be mad as helllllllllll

    lol but you came up
  9. You must not have experience with magnums then.....
  10. haha i would be siked during the car ride home too. Nice find man.
  11. Would the spermicide in the condom make it taste gross?
  12. It works real well for sealing joints.
  13. Why would someone put it in a condom unless they were going to/have already stuck it up their ass... Even if it was full of weed I wouldn't of smelled that shit haha but gratz on the find anyway man
  14. someone probably jizzed in it and just left it for some unsuspecting citizen.. lol
  15. An ounce in a condom:O?
  16. exactly.... an O fits a plastic bag
  17. ew was there skeety all over ur buds?
  18. thats actually pretty nasty...
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    1/4 shy of an ounce, you know how expanded that'd be? itd obviously compress the bud. I don't know what kind of amounts you work with but 6 eighths wouldn't fit in a magnum uncompressed man and yes i've seen magnums :rolleyes:. At 7 inchs long and 1 1/2" in diameter, that isn't much. Consider that each baggy is probably about 7 inches, and an ounce in a baggy is obviously way thicker than 1 1/2" in diameter.....Yea definitely wouldn't fit comfortably to say the least.- Considering that the condom probably was tied or the bud would've fallen out, which takes at least an inch of that 7 for the knot.

    Do you have experience with magnums or weed of that an ounce or more?
  20. You're gonna get syphillis.

    Why do else do you think it was in a condom?

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