Most Embarrassing Thing Ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jaybom, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Okay so today around 5 o clock and was smoking out of a new bowl. I was in the living room and heard the doorbell ring so I went to the door and saw that it was like one of those people that walks around offering shit. oh btw I have a black miniature schnauzer and a poodle shih tzu mix and they're both hyper hyper hyper. before I open te door I'm trying to just shove then away because whenever someone is here they run up to the door. I opened the door because they just kept running to the door so there was no point to keep shoving them. right when I opened the door the two dogs ran out the door and started barking and sniffing and I guess he was scared of dogs or something and so he was like "oh Shit" and started like hopping kind of and running away kind of and then he was like "yo wat da fak man" and at this point I'm like freaking out like "omg OMG. omg I am so sorry. " and so I just picked up one of them and the other dog came to me and I heard the guy say "asshole"
    oh poor me, and that random guy. :)
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  2. Lolll who's scared of little dogs?
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  3. Lol right. I would of told his scary ass to fuck off
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  4. I'm not trying to sound like a badass or anything, but I'm not afraid of little dogs...

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  5. Haha I have a shih-poo also. I always walk him off leash because he likes to mark his territory every 30 feet and he's a good dog. Well one time I was walking along this park area, and this guy is playing in the grass with his toddler in front of us. Kona (my dog) goes over wagging his tail because he really likes children, and the father is blocking kona from the kid, like he was gonna attack.
    Picture this, a brown 8 pound shih-poo with a wagging tail, being blocked by a 200 pound guy who is scared of him.

    I just called him and he looked disappointed he couldn't play, but he came over and peed on something and we left.
  6. When I was dancin and somebody pulled my pants down. People started clapping tho, so I didn't feel too embarassed
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  7. Dude, that nothing. One time my parents came into my bed and had sex while i was sleeping in it. They asked if i wanted to join them. God, was that ever embarrassing
  8. No offense, but the guy who freaked out about the little cute dogs is kind of the "asshole". I mean if you're going around to people's houses you should kind of not only expect something like that to happen, but I mean he could of at least been a little more calm about the situation rather than swearing at you in fear of the dogs. I have two miniature dachshunds so I know your EXACT situation :p
  9. Awkwarwd exitts
  10. My friend booked it from this park, ran about 4-5 blocks away, to his house. He ran because this ladies chihuahua started barking, running and chasing him. Funniest shit I have ever seen. 
  11. Maybe he didnt want his ankles bit. Little dogs are annoying squeaker ankle biters. Sorry just dont see the point in a dog that a bigger one would rip to shit

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  12. I woulda been laughing like hell.
  13. I have a long haired wiener dog. [​IMG] He barks like a bad ass. Then if the person he's barking at doesn't get scared, he goes right in to wuss mode and pisses himself. sigh...
  14. Honestly when he said asshole i would have let a fuck you instinctively :laughing:
  15. A shitzu poodle? A shitpoo!!
  16. they don't bite.
  17. exactly haha.

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