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Most Embarrassing stoned moments

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mrphreez, May 30, 2009.

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    What are you're most stoned moments....Not Necessarily Embarrassing...
    Uncontrollable Stoned...Laughter,Whatever The Case May Be Lets Hear It..

    my experence was in houston,texas a couple of years ago....i was working with a co worker of mine and we had a break so we went outside and smoked a blunt....nothing special Regular Herb We smoke everyday but lol let me tell you when we went back in i was ripped lol i meen stoned like i was 16 all over the time i was working for this picture company selling them at stores and shit so i had to deal with poeople one on one!!! commision sales gig.....but anyways i approched a customer and quickly started to giggle and i knew i was getting ready to lose i smoothly introduced my customer to my "manager" (was my friend) and i lost it... i put him on the spot hE did good for a while then we both just lost it right in front of the "customer" laughter that we couldent stop!! he ended up making the sale but it was only lasted for about 10 min but it was fun i cant seem to get that high no more....:mad:
  2. i remember i asked my friend for 40 cents at 711 and it took him like a minute to get what i said and i just started laughing my ass off lol, the clerk could totally tell we were stoned.

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