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Most embarrassing obsession...

Discussion in 'General' started by HighThereJackie, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I feel like this has to be a thread, so I'll start, I'm strangely obsessed with Harry Potter.. I know I sound like a twelve year old, but I love that stuff. I even cried when Dobby died. Plus I have a bunch of wands and other collectibles. It's kind of weird... :hide:
  2. Disney :/
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    Yeah, that is weird. Unless you're like 12-15, in which case you probably shouldn't be on the site, so I'm going to assume you're older than 18 and.. yeah, that's weird.

    Never really had an obsession with anything unfortunately.. well, a few people, but it was usually mutual >_> And maybe games, but that's only until I beat them. Read all the popular series and while they're okay they're still just fiction lol.
  4. I love harry potter.

  5. Ya my friends say it's a little out of my age range... haha
  6. Lactating titties
  7. Italian opera

  8. New Avi, much better than the chief. :smoking:

    I'm oddly obsessed with sharpening knives. All my knives are meticulously sharpened every time I get high... Which is quite often.
  9. im in love with my probation officer

    im in love with a sticklerrrrr
  10. I am addicted to video games.

    I don't give a fuck. I do what I want.

    If you don't think Ice Trolls/Dragons/Futuristic Space-bikes are cool, than fuck you.

    You obviously don't know whats good.
  11. Sailboats and RVs.
  12. I'm also addicted to vaginas.

  13. Classy.

    You kiss your mother with that mouth?
  14. Chill bro chill
  15. I wouldn't say this is necessarily embarrassing, more like OCD. But I have to keep my books and magazines in mint condition. I hate creases in the bindings and folded pages.

    When I buy one from a store I look through every single one and buy the one that has 0 blemishes. Lol.

    My favorite smell is also a new book/magazine. I love flipping through the pages really close to my nose and smelling. :/
  16. The only crazed obsession I had was with Britney Spears but it was insanely fun time though plus most of her fans are snowbunnies and they're hot as hell.
  17. :laughing: woah
  18. BOOM.

    <3 Shaddy
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    LOL yeah I did have mild embarrassment every time somebody mentions it but never around girls though, so I show them dance moves (I'm a fucking amazing dancer when I'm blazed) and they seem to equally amused and impressed so I stick to that as my game plan.

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