Most Embarrassing Moments While High

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Art of Peace, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. What r sum of ur most embarrassing moments while high?

    I have many but this one just happened lastnight:

    I was smoking with a long time homie at one of his homies apartment who i dont kno very well. Its like the 2nd time ive smoked with this kid, and he seems to be a real cool dude. So we head out to his patio( hes on the top floor, fourth i think) and start smokin out of a gatorade bottle with a socket servin as a bowl.

    Little background, ive been sick the last few days, a real bad flu just reakin havok on me. So like 15 mins into the session a take a huge hit and hold it in. I blow it out, look over at this dude and throw up over the side of the rail. It was just like water witha few chunks but it felt like the entire content of my stomach.

    They were tryin to make me feel cool about it but I kno they were like wtf r u serious haha
  2. I have one.

    On 420 me and two buddies were smoking in the woods after school with the same set-up water bottle and a socket as a bowl. We smoked 4 bowls out of this and ash was building up in the bottle. I took a huge rip and accidentally inhaled some ash.

    I choked on the ash and then threw up my friends finished the bowl and then i took more rips when they were done. VOMIT LEGEND
  3. O i still took my turn in the rotation bess believe that haha

  4. Smoke etiquette pro.
  5. Ya actually they insisted thay were like if ur sick u gotta cant have u feelin like crap. But their niceness didnt stop em from makin sure a rinsed my mouth out ten times haha
  6. I've done worse.
    So last friday I got not called into work which was a pleasant surprise as my friend and i were putting in a new part for my truck I'm still excited about lol.
    Anywho, So later that night we're smokign with two new people out int he middle of nowhere near the road (no one can see us) and we smoke in the back of my truck.

    First, I started coughing like a bitch. I hated that so much. Keep in mind I got iron lungs. I take gigantic hits.

    That wasn't even the bad part. After a bit I start to pass out but never got to that point. and then later this guy goes on and on and on about Europe and smoking there and how over there they have shrooms mixed up in the weed sometimes...blah blah blah

    I start laughing at EVERYTHING. I started laughing at how the girl (who declined to smoke) would say "yeah"

    The guy said one time he got so high that his friends told him random things to make HIM laugh. like "yellow dwarf"

    That made me laugh.

    I was so high at this point I could barely talk to other people except for my friend who I drove home.

    I was so high that "baby song" by animal collective came on and I never even got past minute one. I was so high that it actually fucking scared me.

    I just kinda hate how I sometimes become so introverted when high....sometimes
  7. Haha sounds like u had a blast tho. Better than literally hurling, like wats worse than that shit in terms of social no nos haha like a garuntee ur not gona get an invite back haha
  8. that shouldn't be. It's not like anyone can really help throwing up. :/
    Someone should be banned for fartin, which IS something you can control.
  9. most imbarising momment stoned was probbaly when i was caught listening to the tingtings song my name is lol embarrasing as shit to be honest i turned red an just left the room bad thing was it was my big sister who caught me so she in turn told my whole family

    also when i was high on somthing else (cant mention what it was) an i told my secret desire for a celebrity to my sister who in turn told everyone else an taunts me with it consstinly:smoke:
  10. Ya thats true it cant be helped but still nobody wants to be that guy who ruined a perfectly good sesh with a new aquantence bu barfin. I agree with u on the farting sum people think its so funny but i just dont c it
  11. Moral of the story: ur sis is not to be trusted
  12. for damn sure
  13. A couple of us were hot boxing my friends truck and I got so high that i started drawing dicks all over the foggy windows lol... But dammmmn that green crack was AMAZING.
  14. i avoid alot of those embarrasing moments cause i've had a quite experienced smoking circle that aren't fuckheads that pressure you into pushing your limits so they can have a laugh. But i've learnt to learn from mistakes those 'heroes' make and i know my limitations...95% of time.

    But back when i was in grade 10 it wasn't my first time smoking but the first time i'd smoked in a year or so and latley i hadn't been inhaling it properly, a typical noob mistake. So my mate tells his stepbrother lets call him gary, next thing i know i have my lips over a bucket bong/gravity bong. Gary's doing all the hard work like lighting it and pulling it up and that shit. So i inhale a little over half of the smoke and cough like a bitch which is pretty normal for taking a bucket, let alone the first time and it's pretty much impossible not to inhale smoke from a bucket properly. 5 minutes goes by and i say "i'm not feeling anything i don't think it's working, told you i couldn't get high" and gary says back "just give it 15 minutes". 10 minutes goes by and gary asks me how i'm going and i say back "i'm so fucking baked" and i'm telling them i'm tingling all over and seeing colours and constantly telling them what's happening to me, which now i look back on it and feel like a dickhead cause they're the people i don't like to smoke with, but i know newbies can't help it i just don't like the people who've been smoking for more than a couple of months. Anyway back to my boring story me and my mate were both talkign complete shit 'cause he'd only been smoking for 2 or so months at that time. I'm happy i wasn't that fucked up at a party cause that'd be embarrasing. It might not sound like an embarrasing story but it's embarrasing to me cause 'cause i was so ignorant thinking i couldn't get stoned, but after that night i was never the same.

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