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  1. what would you guys think would be a good method for a grower looking to dip his foot into new waters (no pun intended). i have done soil grows, but now i am looking to make a few bucks on the side, and thought that i should try out hydroponics.

    what do you guys think would be the best method for somebody used to growing, just not hydroponically?

    i am most interested in:

    Nutrient film technique (NFT)
    drip system
    deep water culture (DWC)

    also, i am somewhat interested in:
    ebb and flow

    i will be growing from seed to harvest for now. I am fairly new to hydroponics but want to get into it. Which method listed above would be best in terms of easiness for a beginner to hydro, highest yield and best efficiency.

    money isnt all that much of an issue.

    thanks guys.
  2. i was also wondering, with an ebb and flow, how exactly does the water drain out? sorry, that part seems to confuse me.

  3. Make sure you know folks who can help you out when you go to jail.

    Flood tables (ebb and flow) are the best way to grow more then 10 plants. Easy to maintain and clean.

    DWC grows weed faster then most other hydro methods but is a super pain in the ass to clean and maintain if your doing more then 10 plants.

    Best of luck.
  4. damn man, i didnt think you were still active on here.

    i was amazed by your growroom setup and will take your words of wisdom to good use.
  5. I believe the ebb&flo drains water back out of the pots by the pump in the controller bucket gets pumped back into the res then gravity pushes water from the pots into the controller bucket again
    untill it is full then the pump turns on again to send the water from the controller bucket to the res until empty
  6. with ebb n flow, youll need an over flow valve in your bed, and run tubing from there back to your res, thats very important or youll flood your house
  7. I rock an Ebb & Flow setup, and couldnt be happier. When the pump turns off, the water will slowly drain back through it. I have this setup, its way easy to maintain and to grow on, cause you can move the plants and they grow. Good luck bro!

  8. Make bubble buckets from Rubbermaid totes. You can get 8 - 10 plants in some. I'm going with 5 in a 20gal tub.

    They are easy to put together in sets or banks. Easy to move, and cause little suspicion during purchasing and setup.

    But I'm not growing for profit and not going to be growing every day of the year. Except for my mothers of course.
  9. DWC and the Lucas Formula will give you great results while staying simple.

    You can go as small as a 5gal bucket and a 10$ airpump under a 250W bulb and LST very simply.


    You can scale it up to any size.

    Once you've done simple and know the plant... then complicate things to increase harvest and such.

    You're going to get a decent amount with the Lucas Formula and DWC no matter what you try. :)

    Good luck :)
  10. DWC all the way :)
  11. I Agree 100% :)

    Is there a more simple method to create excellent results than an airstone in the bottom of a 5gal bucket of Lucas Formula?

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