most efficient way for smoking joints?

Discussion in 'General' started by pieman615, May 28, 2009.

  1. hey everyone i was wondering whats the most best way to smoke a joint ?

    take big big hits or small ones.

    im packing around 5-6 joints for a party and planning on getting prettyy stoned
    i get pretty high from a decent bowl a small one so yeah what do you think 5 decent joints would do

    Also how would i be able to make the most out of my joint
    thanks :)
  2. I'd take regular hits man, smaller would make it not burn so hard/fast. Roll em tight!

  3. thanks brah im thinkin of blazing up near the beach as theres this huge music festival thing hapening near there

    how stoned you reckon ill get from 4-5 joints if im a lightweight
  4. Hard to say precisely but I like to think of a joint as smoking about 2 bowls since that's approximately the amount I'd be consuming so'll be good
  5. thx guys rep for the both of you lol :)
  6. smoke two of them
  7. If you got some NAKK bud, then I suggest you roll up a bunch of pinner spliffs (supper thin, .2 spliffs) and take very light tokes on them, you'd be surprised what 10-20 pinners could do for your night haha....

    If you only got sum beasters, then I suggest you just roll a few 2 papes and smoke one every hour or so. Still taking light small hits and ringing the spliff with yur spit (lick yur finger a bit and roll the spliff near the cherry on your finger)

    Actually, you mentioned you have quiet a low tolerece so I would just roll a ton of pinners regardless of the bud, but if I were to smoke a pinner of beasters, I'd need 2 or 3 more to feel good haha

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