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  1. Hey guys. I have finally decided that I am going to buy my first vaporizer but I know nothing about this subject so I need help deciding which one to get. My budget is about $150 but i could maybe go a bit higher if i need to. There are really only 3 things that are important to me when it comes to this: efficiency, smell and portability, with efficiency being by faaaaaaaar the most important. I want the vape that will get me the most high with the smallest amount of bud. Smell is also kind of important because I have roommates who are very against marijuana use so it would be really nice if I could just go in my basement for a little while and vape without a ton of smell coming off. If that's not really possible then its fine but its something to consider. I also would like to be able to bring it with me and vape with friends in the car or something so if it has to be plugged in or something that doesn't really work for me. I have narrowed it down to a few options but if you have any other suggestions that would be awesome. Its between the Boundless CFC($90), any of the flowermate models, Arizer Air($165), Pax 2($200), Boundless CF($130), Arizer Solo($135), Boundless CFX($170) and the Da Vinci($130). please help me. thank you
  2. If I could afford a pax3, I'd buy one. But for now, I use the MFLB. I see you don't have that listed as a consideration, but if you haven't thought about it, I would suggest checking it out. I've had mine since March and I use it pretty much every day. It's small, produces less vapor than your heftier vapes, and has virtually no smell. Before my parents were cool with it, I've had my mom walk in on me tons of time right after taking a hit and have no clue. And she's got a nose for weed.

    Sure there are better vapes out there, but for ~$130 it's a fantastic starter vape.

    There is a technique to it, but it's really not that hard to learn and once you do, it feels like second nature.

    Hope you find the right vape for yourself!

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  3. If you vape out the window and carry around some Ozium with you you'd be fine for smell, out of the ones you listed I'd say the Air can get you high off of small amounts. I have one myself and I love it because of the glass air path and the changeable batteries. The only thing that would make it bad is that the glass can break, and you have to carry the stem separate from the vape but other than that it's a quality unit. I've owned mine for 7 months now with nothing wrong with it, and I'm actually planning on getting the Air II soon.
  4. My main 2 vapes are Pax 3 and MFLB. MFLB gets used multiple times daily. Down to a few times a week on the Pax 3. But you should definitely try and get to know the MFLB before buying or else people wind up saying "I can't figure this out" and giving up. Yes, the learning curve is steep, but there's great reward when you get it.

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  5. wanna tell how you use it? I lije my vapman more as of now, so please give me some insight on heating cycles..
    (i read the guides obviously, but im interested tough)
  6. Being that efficiency is at the top of your priority list and your budget is 150, I would stay with either a heat-on-demand vaporizer like the MFLB or a hybrid (convection/conduction) vape like the Arizer Air. btw, Arizer is coming out with the Air 2 next week but it's a bit over your budget. Stay away from conduction based vapes like the Flowermates and the Boundless vapes (other than their CFV). Boundless is also coming out with their new Tera which is a full convection based potable with user replaceable batteries. Don't know the price yet on this.
  7. There all pretty good these days at that price
    I would concentrate more on draw resistance and battery life
    If. You don't enjoy the experience the efficiency won't matter

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  8. And if you don't want to sit there cleaning your vape out every week or so i would avoid the pax

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  9. I love my pax 2, i clean it every morning, its no big deal.

    Since pax 3 came out, pax 2 can be found very reasonable on ebay.
  10. For a lot of us, the cleaning ritual with the Pax 1 and 2 was in fact a big deal. You should not have to give your vaporizer a deep clean EVERY DAY. This was probably my biggest gripe with the 1 and 2. I clean my 3 about once every week and a half. Can go even longer if I don’t use the concentrate tank.

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  11. This is just flat out untrue. For example, I don’t think that anyone here that knows what they’re doing would for example, recommend something by Grenco over the MFLB. All vaporizers are not equal.

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  12. I had been curious to hear your opinion on some of the new stuff from Boundless. It’s definitely attractive for the price point.

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  13. I said there all pretty good at that price not untrue on mainstream herb vapes. compared to 4 years ago

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  14. I'm very happy with my Pax 2 Great battery life, portability and stealth!! Battery last 2 days or so and I can vape almost anywhere!! A little pricey at $200, but you really get what you pay for...
  15. Well part of my love of the pax is its discrete design. I took the mouthpiece out and plugged a pair of headphones in the hole to disguise it at a wedding i was in once lol.
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  16. I wouldn’t even bother. I’d just find somewhere I can be alone for 45 seconds and take a couple of stealth hits at 360. But I guess the 2 doesn’t heat up quite as quickly as the 3. I have the least experience with the 2. I upgraded from 1 to 3, and have only used my friends 2’s. They usually ask me to bring my 3.

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  17. Oh no doubt the 3 is better, with the same exterior design. The 3 has better battery, heats up faster, and does concentrates.

    The 2 takes about a minute to heat up depending on setting. But it will do up to 3 bowls in one night on a charge and ive never needed more than 2.

    I just wanted to vape and 60 bucks for a 2, or 225+ for a 3 was a no brainer for me. Ill get a new in box pax3 for 75ish bucks when the pax4 comes out lol.
  18. Where can I get those prices as european?
  19. I got mine off ebay, was the best price at the time.
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