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Most Efficient Use of ABV Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kickpointy, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I have 20g of abv weed. I want to get the most thc possible out of it. Is it better to smoke it, use it to fill joints, or make edibles? The edibles are the most difficult option for me, excluding firecrackers.
  2. what's abv?
  3. already been vaped
  4. thanks lol :smoke:
  5. Edibles or hash
  6. I would make edibles or hash but fat 2g blunts sound nice
  7. That stuff tastes like shit unless you vape on a low ass temp, the most efficient method of consumption is ingestion, edibles.

    You can make some hash from it if you want something to smoke.
  8. Glycerin tincture! Using wil will's recipe. That stuff is AMAZING.
  9. I never tried smoking abv myself, but the general consensus here is that it tastes like ass. And I can imagine--it smells awful. I wouldn't want to smoke it. Plus, you'd have to smoke a lot more for it to be effective.

    Best option is edibles. If you don't have good access to a kitchen, maybe find a friend who does? Borrow their kitchen, or ask them to make the edibles?

    If not edibles, I guess you could just eat it? All of it at once. You'd probably get stoned from eating 20g... you'd probably puke too. I'd say if you can't make edibles, just toss it or see if a friend wants it. You don't NEED to use abv.

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