Most efficient grow method in 100 sq. feet?

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  1. I am planning on doing a grow in a few months, and am limited to 10 x 10 due to medical marijuana statutes.

    I have researched a variety of methods, including scrog, sog, vertical growing, lst/topping/fimming. I think I want to do a soil run at first as this will be my first indoor grow, although I know hydro is more efficient.

    What I want is the highest yield and efficiency. I have heard figures ranging from 1 ounce/ sq foot for scrog (16 oz per 1k watt HPS in 4x4?), though this seems a bit low to me. I also understand it is quite possible to get 2.5 to 3 lbs off of 1200 watts in an ecosystem.

    I'm thinking I'll start off with 4x1000 watt HPS depending on the grow method I decide on. I can't really afford for the first grow to go poorly, as I have to pay the bills, and electricity with the great CA tiering system should run approximately 1500 per month.

    What I'm really looking for are some "firm" numbers on yield per area and wattage. I really appreciate any input.
  2. There are no firm numbers. Ever.

    SCROG would be your best bet as for getting the most weight out of your 10x10 space. That being said, IMO, 4000 W is way the fuck too much for that space.

    Maybe, since you clearly don't know about growing, you should start with something a weee bit smaller.
  3. lmao 4000 i see you wanna jus jump all in and get your feet muddy,,go for it dude... but i suggest coco in hempy growing in coco.. theres a few people here that use the coco,,i suggest reading there journals..AskED is a coco grower and a good one, coco will give you a little wiggle room while your getting your room all dialed in..its very forgiving... and great results,,hydro results if you ask me

  4. why hate ?
    if he can afford to put 4000 w's in a 10x10 area, why knock it ?
    as long as he keeps the lights cooled, so the room isnt too hot, theres never "too much light" ...

  5. I realize that, just trying to get some "ballpark" figures. Sorry, I like to use quotes, firm probably was the wrong word to use.

    I was under the impression that 50 to 100 watts per square foot is ideal. Given than 4x4 is 16 ft^2, that should give me about 62.5 watts per sq ft. I was planning on doing 4 4x4 trays.

    And you're right- I don't know much about indoor growing. On the plus side, I have had one outdoor grow.

    I certainly don't intend to go into it without knowing what I'm doing, I have lots more research ahead of me here.

    Never really heard about growing in coco before, thanks for the tip; I'll have to do some research on that.

    I was hoping to have air cooled tubes exhausted out a window. On that note, is there anything wrong with using the lights as primary air out take w/ carbon filter? Most setups I've seen seem to have independent systems.

  6. here, here! :hello:

    ask an outdoor grower! theres never too much light! wot u gona do? turn the sun down?

    very well said my friend:smoke:
  7. noone said theres a such thing as to much light..but theres a such thinkg as getting in a hurry and not knowing what your doing with 4000 watts... i have a feeling he wont be starting with anywhere near that... i think we all said we were gonna start with 5000 watts and a sep veg and seed room with vertical aerospaces and all the bells and whistles.. but it didnt happen
  8. i grow in coco and im begining to love it! its so easy. i have about the same room size and i have 30 plants in that space, in 10litre pots, under 1800watts of light. its 2 weeks since they went on 12/12 and im going to throw another 600watts in there i rekon as soon as i get another bulb. temps around 75, droping to 70 at night with the aid of an oil heater. i have an 8inch carbon and fan which leads to the chimney for my extraction.

    im not using and training methods, no SOG or SCROG. i tell a lie, ive topped a couple but other than that theyre left to grow how they like. theyre spaced around the room with plenty of light reachin all parts of every plant.

    its always hard to put a figure on any growing method but im looking to average just under 3 oz a plant. im an outdoor grower at heart and i cant allow myself to go SOG because i hate to see tiny plants! i just try to simulate the outdoor growing conditions of spain where i used to grow, seems to work for me! :)

    hope some of this helps
  9. bolded.

    I think my setup is about as tight as you can get. my tent is 24X48X60 with a 400hps/hortilux bulb. I use a Can 4 inch H.o. and Can Scrubber. my fan sits on top of my scrubber, pushing air through the air cooled hood out to exhaust. so my fan efectively cools the room and cools the hood. i have no temp issues, and can get my hood to sit real close to the tops with no burning.

    so if I can achieve this, than you should not need independent fans for yuor setup. saves on overrall cost as well.

  10. agovita posted "That being said, IMO, 4000 W is way the fuck too much for that space."

    call me crazy but he is saying that is too much light! :confused:
  11. you were saying there is never a such think as to much light "try to turn the sun down... your right there is no such thing as to much light...but there is a such thing as not enough space to get the maximn potential out of your lights...i wasnt reffereing to anything he said..i was reffereing to what i said...and i never said he had to much light..and the reason i said "lmao" at 4000 watts is because he reminded me of myself..

    so let me get this right..with your first grow your gonna go with ebb and flow or nft it sounds like.. in a 10x10 with 4000 watts.... i hope you have dont alot of reading... and should take my advie with the coco..... you gett he same results trust me..with 70% less hassle... unless you like tinkering with shit for no reason....
  12. lol and i must have missed your post about you growin in coco..guess i got selective reading today... sounds like a perfect setup dude..i bet you get some nice numbers outta that man

  13. im aware you never said theres too much light! i think the original post was intended for agovita! to which i agreed, my post "turn the sun down?!" was aimed at agovita not you mate!
  14. yeah.. my bad.. guess im a lil on the defensive buddy..haha good day folks..

  15. no worries! if its any consolation i totally agree with you!:laughing:

    youre right about that! we all imagined starting with the best setup ever! i was lucky enough to have everything -listed above in my other post- ready for my 1st grow! :smoke:
  16. and to answer your question pg10.. im hopin your not 10 yrs old dude lol... about the cool tubes..yes you can do this..the reason you see 2 seperate systems in other setups is because they are running co2 and need to be able to seal the room and still cool there lights.. but yes you can use the cooltubes for your outtake.. id still go with a fan at the top corner the room though jus for measures..

  17. I'm running six thousand watts in my 11x11 room. Definitely not too much light.

    My setup:

    [ame=]YouTube - Hydro Innovations Ice Box video part 1/2[/ame]

  18. I feel like going back and editing it to say "I feel like you have too much heat radiation coming off of your bulbs in such a small confined space, without mention of your ventilation systems." :wave:

    Didn't realize GC was full of fuckin lawyers now :smoking:

  19. haha, sorry buddy, i was just proving a point! didnt mean to sound so anal about it! :p
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    If you want to grow in a 10 X 10 total canopy with 8X8 flower, leaving you some space for veg, I think 4K is right on target. My advice up front is, have more than enough ventilation and/or AC.

    If plant numbers are not an issue, I would recommend you run a SOG. 4 plants per square foot can offer great results with nice single cola plants. You just veg up a mother plant so she can give you 32+ clones, and has enough left to give you another 32 in another week (or have a couple mothers just enough veg canopy to do 32 clones a week). Those 32 plants will fill half a 1K and represent a weeks worth of harvest. You transplant them into 6" square pots and let them establish a root zone + veg to the needed size. That should be around 1 foot depending on stretch with roots forming around the outside of the medium. I would recommend a soiless medium of some kind, coco is great, and there are some nice fool proof coco programs. Not cheap though. After about 1-2 weeks of veg throw them into flower, make sure youve got your next 32 lines up, and just keep doing that until your room is full. Then its 32 every week, you should get at least 7 grams per to start (grown perfectly, the best strains could give you the better part of an ounce per plant in this setup) which would be a great perpetual stream of meds.

    happy growing and good luck.

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