Most effective way to Pas a piss test (for a job) note: I have a week

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  1. Ya I have a week to pass my piss test.
    I went in for a interview today (monday) and if I get the job they will call me on Friday and I go down there and they will give me a background check and a drug test (urinalysis).

    The last time I smoked was Friday. So that means Saturday and Sunday I've already gone without smoking. And NOTE: I also worked out on Saturday, and today (monday) I've drank a shit load of water.

    So I would like to know what the most effective way of passing this piss test is?
    Remember I have 5 days to get myself ready.
    I'll be drinking water as usual and going to the gym everyday this week in order to clean out my system.

    But please tell me any hints/tips/tricks that any of you have regarding how to clean out my system the best I possibly can.

  2. right now you are just causing yourself discomfort drinking that much water with so much time before the piss test. The water does NOTHING. all it does is dilute your urine, hense making it only useful when you are actually taking the test. otherwise it does not flush your system

    abnormal or excessive excercise only helps minimally since you rarely burn lipids. That only happens when your body has no other fuel. So again, you are only wasting the effort.

    preliminary research says that aspirin may help to confuse certain tests. The only other thing I'd suggest are to take b-complex vitamins the day before the test and the morning of. this does nothing but make your piss yellow, fooling them into thinking its an undiluted sample. the ruse will be quickly seen through if they check for proper gravity and ph balance Other additives and diuretics can be checked for and if found, your sample will be put under additional scrutiny. Never use them.

    but don't sweat it, i've passed on six days before

    btw, there's plenty of posts that contain this very information that you could have searched for.
  3. I disagree on the excersize doing nothing.
    My friend smoked a day before his test--excersized like hell and passed.
    I think excersize DOES somthing.

    Now on the other hand--I'm not sure about the water thing.
    I know it flushes out your system and all--but I don't know what to belive, becuase some people say that drinking a shit load of water cleans out your system and others say that it does nothing.

    Well I just got back from the store and I bought myself some Niacin. I hear this shit helps. So I got some time release Niacin and I take one of those pills everyday.

    Also I think I should give ya all another note about myself.
    NOTE: I DON'T smoke often at all.
    I smoke a MAX of ONCE a week. Last friday was the day I last smoked--and before that friday I smoked on the friday before that and excersized throughout the week.
    So I'm not a chronic or daily smoker. I smoke very seldom so there isn't much THC in me to begin with.

  4. yeah dude get you some niacin. it is a pill supplement that you can buy from stores like gnc. try to get the 500mg pills. take like two a day before your test. and take maybe 3 or 4 about 4-6 hrs before the test.
  5. Ya--actually I DID buy some Niacin.
    I got the 250mg time release niacins.
    I'll be taking these all week long--and a few hours before the test I'll take 2-3.
    It says to not take more then 1 niacin at a time--I dunno why, probally becase it makes you sick or somthing.
    But if I can pass the test its worth

    But seeing how I don't smoke that often there isn't much thc in me to be cleaned out--so the niacin, combined with lots of water, and excersize will easily get me a clean drug test.

    Even if I fail the drug test its no big deal anyhow--seeing how I live with my parents and I have a couple other job possibiltys--its not a big deal.
  6. Dont sweat it...I know people that have passed a piss test in just a week without taking any supplements or other methods of piss screening....

    or even easier...have some1 piss for you ;) be sure not to take the piss of a pregnant woman though...that DOES show up :p
  7. 400mg of Niacin the night before. Make sure you pee at least once.

    That's all you have to do. It doesn't make you sick, it just makes you hot and itchy. But if you take it before you go to bed, you won't notice a thing.

    (And next time use the search engine. There are TONS of threads on this subject.)
  8. look, cannabis metabolites are stored in fat and are distributed fairly evenly. now the only way that excersizing is going to get rid of the metabolites is to excersize until you have no fat left. therefore the effects of short-term, excessive excersizing are negliable. I'm sure your friend didn't pass because of it.

    water does not dissolve thc or cannabinoid metatabolites (nor fat for that matter). all it does is dilute the metabolites in your urine. even if you flush your urine, its only going to get restocked with metabolites from your fat. So it only works just before the test.

    niacin is a b vitamin and the only thing it does is add color to your piss

    foods containing (red meat) creatine keep up the urines specific gravity and is something they check for if they think the sample is diluted

    aspirin seems to fool assay tests some of the time and is worth trying since you should already have some

    drinks sold in headshops are just diuretics (things that make you piss more) and are no more effective than water. There is no chemical on the open market that gets into your fat, attaches itself to the cannabis derivatives stored there, leaves the fat and leaves the body. Don't waste your money

    remember, you are only fooling the test, not cleaning your body out.

    got it now? these are the only things that you can do that consistantly help the odds of beating a marijuana urine drug test.
  9. Hrm, I just diluted my piss completely clear an hour before and colored it with B-2 and I passed with flying colors and it was a probation test too.
  10. Ok Ok I just went and read some shit on and whatnot.

    Ok so basically the half life of THC in your body is about a week--so it takes about a month for most of the THC to clean its self out naturally from your body.

    So basically the most EFFECTIVE way to get a negative piss test is to simply "mask" the THC over by drinking a shit load of water and taking some Niacin the night before and the day of the test (and some Vitamen B for coloring) and by doing this it will basically dilute the thc levels coming out (in the piss stream) so that the thc levels will be below detectable range.

    So ya there is NO way to get THC out of your body--its true that water and excersize does nothing (in terms of getting THC out of your body)

    So basically put: the most effective way to pass a piss test is to simply drink hella water a hour or two before the piss test, and take about 400-500mg of Niacin the night before--and the day of the actual test, then pop a couple vitamen B6/B12s for coloring. By doing all of this it will effectivilly dilute the piss below detectable levels of thc content.
    --even though the same amount of thc is there.

  11. ya thats basically what I mean---I'll just drink a shit load of water and take some viatamen B2/B6/B12 a couple hours before the piss test--and that will effectivlly dilute the piss so that the Thc levels are below detectable range.
  12. thats about it. good luck.
  13. Thanks for the advice guys--but I just got a call and I didn't get the job (I don't have enough work experiance)
    I'll keep all this information in store anyhow though for the next upcoming job offer and drug test.


  14. negative...

    Niacin is vitamin b3, and it converts fats into energy. Fats which contain thc... Thats why it works, it doesnt only color your piss, thats mainly vitamin b2...
  15. i stand corrected

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