Most effective way to distill 55 gallons for the reservoir??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by SteezyAuto, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Let me hear it.:hello:
  2. I say brake it down to a more manageable amount so maybe by the gallon instead of a full barrel

    Then start boiling ;)

    My question is what type of water was it to begin with, rain, tap?
    You may just be able to purify it rather than have to distill it without additional equipment
  3. I'm using tap water coming about at about 400PPMs, on a small scale I usually distill by the gallon so I guess I could do 11-5 gallon jugs.
  4. Do you have to filter the whole thing at once? Distilling means boiling it and collecting the ultra pure water that evaporates. Way overkill. A two stage filter (pleated and charcoal) is good enough, or Reverse Osmosis is better but not a must have.
  5. u should get a reverse osmosis system filters last about 100 gal so u are gonna run thru them
  6. I say fuck distilling your water, get an RO system. Even with a distilling machine your gonna be a week or two getting 55 gallons. My buddy has one to make drinking water. I was lucky to get 10 gallons a week from it over his household use.
  7. Yeah I have actuallly seen the RO filters just kind of intimidating haha. How do you go about connecting them?
  8. Hydrologic makes a good unit that connects to a garden hose.

    this is 64 dollars... connects in seconds to a toilet or faucet... 5 gallons of R.O. water in a hour...

    make sure you get the connection you need to hook up to your house at the time of purchase...

    good luck
  10. Which model were you talking about exactly?
  11. im not following the question....

    the link i gave you is for a 100 gallon a day R.O. filter... if you look at the link there are several ways to hook this R.O. unit up to a water source, choose the best one for your needs... seemed straight forward to me

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