Most Drunken Damage Ever

Discussion in 'General' started by seekup, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. I bet his insurance went up.
  2. thats insane! how could you live with yourself after something like that...luckely no1 but the dog got seriously hurt (or did the guy loose his arm in the accident??)
  3. i think it was gone before the carnage
  4. wow, that guy fucked up a lot of peoples shit.... How the fuck did he manage to get the GMC to last the long before finally killing it is what I wanna know.
  5. I fucked up a mailbox once, but wow... that takes skill and artistry only a one-armed texan can muster to cause that kind of damage. Case in point:

  6. That makes me never want to drive drunk.
  7. Haha, I saw that from the hot links section of , scroll down and check that section out, it's got funny ass shit(and mad random shit)!!
  8. That guy's gonna have the bill from hell. I feel sorry for all
    the people he's inconvenienced.

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