Most dont relise it but the Goverment Does Provide Legal Rolled Joints to 4 people each month

Discussion in 'General' started by MissBaracuta, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. guess this subject is no big deal to anyone else
  2. Well I saw the thread earlier, but personally I'm never interested in any Yahoo articles. Maybe the comments at most every now and then. 
    But I'll give you two likes if that makes you feel any better.  :smoke:
    <extreme sarcasm>
    we all know that's just a big lie, a huge troll story made up by wishful potheads high on the marijuana's they injected. DC wouldn't ever lie to use and provide medicine called POT to people when they know its more addicting then heroin and deny it has any medical potential or value...
    </extreme sarcasm>
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  4. say what you want but my uncle was one of those who was getting his smoke from the government till 1981 the year he died of cancer
  5. Okay.
    You win.
    But is this surprising?
    I feel like we can all expect a few of these things to kind of exist.
    I'm sure there are a couple of other individuals on all kinds of drugs, illicit and illegal, for "cast study" purposes. The CIA has had a lot of people on crack, LSD, and other hallucinogens. 
    If this is about the government doing something they're not supposed to, I'd like to point out the NSA, CIA, FEMA, CCD, SEC, USDA, Guantanamo Bay, and a whole bunch of things that we "know" is going on but don't really do anything about.
    I know I'm coming off as pessimestic. Probably because I am. Most people simply just don't care. They'll talk about it but won't do anything. The fact that for the past century, not at least 90% of our eligible citizens come to the polls to vote tells me this.
  6. Only reason why I brought this up is because my uncle is one of those who use to get his smoke for free years ago before his death.  He is the one who got me smoking pot.  And with one of those joints the government supplied.  Damn Im old I know but I can honestly say the first joint I ever smoked was supplied by the who else can say
    cough missed those sarcasm tags.... :ey:
  8. no I didn't just being an ass nothing personal
  9. I wouldn't smoke government weed

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  10. It is garbage weed. I learned about this a few years ago and it is really low quality. They probably do this in hopes that the patients will have to smoke so much that they die from inhaling too much smoke, so they can point and say "Marijuana kills". I know Irv Rosenfeld gets 300 joints every 25 days.
    Here is the wiki page on the court case/program.
    Here is a video of Irv Rosenfeld and Robert Randall (another recipient) talking about it.


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