Most Disgusting Pizza Topping

Discussion in 'General' started by tbarb, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. what do you think. i say head cheese

  2. Avocado, prawns, eggs, oyster ..There are so many things you can throw on top of a pizza, it makes for countless atrocities
  3. Anchovies. Those fuckers ruin pizza. 
  4. Pussy

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  5. anything that isn't pepperoni. 
    You're nuts. Try it with bacon and ham. It's the shit.
    Black Olives kill a pizza for me.
    You have bad taste in pizza toppings
    NO YOU111!one!1!!!1eleven!1
  9. probably turds
    had that on a slice once
  10. Are anchovies still an option? I haven't seen them on a pizza joint menu in a long while.  
  11. Haven't eaten a pizza I didn't like. :yummy:
  12. anchovies
    im not even gonna bother trying to touch weird shit people might put on their pizza that would take all day
  13. Mushrooms, I am a texture person and that doesn't do it for me at all,...
    I agree, mushrooms are all slimy and gross. One of my least favorite things to eat.
  15. I have to agree on the mushrooms. I too am a texture person. I am sooooo picky because of it ): lol
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    Aw they're not that bad! I love mushrooms and I don't think they're that bad on texture :confused_2: Kinda smooth and a just a bit crunchy.
    I usually just have ham and pineapple, plain cheese, or pepperoni. Somtimes chicken.
    I don't like black olives very much, I guess.

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