Most depressed state ever

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  1. So after watching a cable guy go up a telephone pole on a ladder,look down at my plant,get down and seemingly look through the fence at it, then sat in his truck for about 10 minuetes fiddling with his phone(yeah i was spying) I decided it's not worth it. I had to rip my baby out of the ground :( All day i've been depressed and very very paranoid.

    Two questions really.

    1. Can drug dogs smell roots?
    2. Is this even possible to dry and cure and smoke at its premature state?

    Thanks guys :(
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    that's really annoying -.-" i feel for you...

    looks really nice too, just too young... it's hard to tell whether you'll get high off smoking that... you could try making the very small buds and sugarleaves into QWISO or cannabutter and dry/cure the bigger ones...

    good luck;)

    ps: i very much doubt the roots would give off enough scent for a dog to alert upon, unless the stem is still sticking out...
  3. damn man sorry to hear that. your plant looked very healthy too! but it's too young. got damn cable guy :mad:
  4. damn dude, thats harsh, im really sorry to hear that but you definitely did the right thing.
  5. Thanks guys. Tomorrow's my birthday too,wonderful.

    That QWISO idea isn't bad at all, I think i'll try that.
  6. well, better to score some weed and celebrate your b-day with a couple buds than spending it in jail, ya know ;)
  7. Didn't smokentoke post this same thing before?
  8. birthday blunttttttttts
  9. did the cops come?
  10. Naw no police, it could have just been me being reallllllly paranoid but it wasn't worth it for one plant.

    I did make some dope QWISO hash though.
  11. what everyone else said, better to not have your plant than not have your plant and be sitting in jail. sucks, but glad to hear you got some hash out of the deal
  12. You could have taken it and tried to root it in another pot away from that area.
    She was looking good, too : /
    Sorry for your loss
  13. next time you could pin some fake flowers onto it if you're really paranoid. sorry though :/ it was a beautiful plant

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