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Most Days In A Row You Smoked?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sc0pe, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. what is the longest stretch of days which you smoked every day, and how did it affect you

  2. :confused_2:  Likely a thousand, if not more.
    No effect except mybe less pain. :smoke:
  3. I smoke everyday :]
  4. Well I smoked heavily for a few years daily, with maybe 2 weeks in total during that I didn't smoke, like a day here and there and the very occasional 3 day t break.  I actually experienced some negative effects from that actually I developed Eustacian Tube Dysfunction which is just some ear pressure thing that went away when I started vaping.  This isn't solely from marijuana but definitely heavily related I also was precribed with extremely severe depression and anxiety, I was also very lazy.  So that was when I decided that I probably shouldn't be abusing this drug every day for so long and that's when I stopped my daily use and now I always have at least 1 day off from smoking a week ideally 3 - 4 when I feel like it.  I did however and still believe I had a clearer view on reality during that time.
    So yeah everyday use didn't work out too well for me personally but I know others who have not really had any problems, since I cut down I'm basically back to normal.  The first year of everyday use was great for me though it was just an everlasting high of awesome times, but nothing ever lasts forever.  
  5. I started in December and ive been toking everyday since January! I did take a 3 day break just because I didnt have time and I was a bit moody the first day but went back to normal pretty quick

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  6. I think I have missed 3 days out of the last 10 years. (sick days :wacko:....  I am fairly healthy for an old stoner!)
  7. about 6 months is my record
    i'm poor so i can't afford to toke every day like you guys
  8. We gotta get cannabis legal so EVERYONE can grow!
    Logically the price of cannabis should be about $15 a pound!  :eek:   Here's my reasoning- Cannabis and tomatoes take about the same climate and amount of water. Cannabis needs LESS in the way of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides than tomatoes. Drying tomatoes takes an insect-proof drying shed, fans, heat, electricity, etc! Cannabis can be hung and dried in an open shed! Organic, dried tomatoes are for sale at $15 a pound! A pound of dried cannabis should not cost more than fancy organic dried tomatoes! :smoke:
    Become activists, and let's get those prices closer to where they logically SHOULD be! :yay:
  9. #9 Relaudid, Jun 18, 2013
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    Fuck I've really lost count.

    15-20$ pounds would be nice but that will never realistically happen in America...not while I'm alive anyway.

    But if you guys want to rally and revolt I'm down, sign me up. Just tell me when and where and ill be there...with a bunch of cone we can put in the air.
  10. I've smoked everyday since nationals ended in February I believe. With the occasional "outta bud" break ):
  11. I have literally no idea, a year maybe.  Been a daily toker for maybe 3-4 years but there's always the a rare day or two I don't smoke because I'm sick or out.  That barely ever happens though so most of the time it's daily blazing.
  12. I have toked everyday for the last 5 years.

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