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Most creative way of hiding your pot

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BigTexFromArkansas, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. What's the most craziest, and creative way of hiding your pot, joint, pipe, etc.

    Right now I got a small joint hidden in my bag in a deal of tin foil, shaped like a piece of gum, and it's in a gum wrapper with a little dirt to make it look full (don't worry the joint is separated from the dirt) and it's in a gum pack in my bag.

    Now enough about me, what about you? How have you hid your stash or your joint?
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  2. buy a bag of skittles them and use the bag.

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  3. One time i turned a lil baggy of incense inside out and a lil nug in there. Stupid move tho i smelled like patchouli and weed lol
  4. One of the best place inside a home is the cable outlet if you have one. Remove the cover and it's a small open box. Hide your stash and screw the cover back on. Short of a drug dog or police searching your room it will never be found.

    In a car, if you don't mind it getting flattened then double wrap a bag and hide it under your battery. Won't get past a dog but in all the times I've had my car searched I've never seen a cop look under the battery.

    Carrying bud on your person, make the baggie in to a ball and tie it really tight then clip off the extra baggie. Making the package more dense means it will travel further quicker should you have to toss it in an emergency.
  5. Craziest place was shoving a ball of wax up my ass while "finding a good place to pull over" when the copper lit me up
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  6. jesus ...please tell us you didn't smoke the shit later....(pun) LOL

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  7. Piss hole
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  8. Had a pipe as part of truck...bowl was part of gear shift know.. the body was a plastic cover that went on part of the seat. It was a ghetto rig but it worked...also had the dome light set up so I could put a little over a eighth behind it and it would still work. A girl I dated use to empty out cigarettes and repack the empty with weed then put a little tobacco back in on top. One time she had the idea of rolling joints and put them in a straw cut and seal the ends...make sure they are sealed and put liquid if needed... last is I have shoved a blunt in a burger one time when pulled over. Dog never came just cop..we had Just light it not 5 minutes and here he comes... He smelled it but luckily never found it. I've dropped it out my pants legs and thrown it out before I pulled over best method is just smoking at home fuq it!!!

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  9. Not very original or creative, but it fooled my old man when I was a teen..

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  10. I had a buddy that used to grind up like an eighth and put it in a baggy and roll it up and stuff it the loop of his window curtains cause his parents always searched his room and was always able to find his stash until he started doing that lol
  11. I know a girl that hid her weed in her tampon drawer. lol
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  12. I hollow out expos and sharpies to carry joints in my back pack. I have a stash can that looks like a monster can and it weighted as such but it's hollow and the top screws off. I used to hide things in a hole in my wall in my room back home and cover the hole with a picture(don't ask how the hole got there). I also like the tucked behind the ear with a beanie covering the war method In cooler weather

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