Most commonly accepted time to begin counting days in flower?

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    I know that the length of your flowering period depends largely on indica or sativa.

    What I want to know is when do you start the count? I also understand that a lot of it comes from practice and experience/or too many damn days reading these forums. But I'm a numbers guy. And many seedbanks offer a specific number of days that have been used for that particular hybrid.

    Is it at first signs of flower/sex?
    Or, exactly when you flip the lights?
  2. youre right on the first one.... When times are given on a site when you buy seeds, those times are from first sign of flower in which is the proper way to do it... good luck foxy!!!
  3. I count from the flip, but harvest by the trichs.

    The numbers the seedbanks give you are wishful hoping at best, mostly marketing. If you add 2 weeks to whatever they say, that would be a little closer to reality.

  4. The seedbanks assume you have vegged until the point that the plants are fully ready for flowering on their own, alternating nodes and showing pre-flowers. In such cases the flip to 12/12 and the start of actual flowering are the same thing.

    Many growers flip early, when the plant isn't actually ready. In those cases it can take up to 3 weeks before flowering starts to show, and it is only once flowering shows that you should begin counting.

    "Flowering" is a plant life stage, it's not a timer setting.
  5. Don't worry about the number of days listed on the package. The plant you are growing is not ripe until the resin glands are at the desired stage for your smoking pleasure, regardless of what the breeder says. Only you can tell when this is occurring, not the back of some seed package. Every growing environment is a little different and ripening times may differ. You need to learn to read the signs of the resin production.


  6. TB, I'm going to steal and use that.;)

    That is about the most succinct description I've yet seen.


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