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Most coloful bud you've ever laid eyes on ;)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by oldskool7142, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Well lets see it people, the most eye candied, beautiful, colorful, trichome laden, resin infested, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Silver, Golden buds. They can be fresh off the plant or dried, with Just a few ground rules.

    1. Must have color- sorry folks green just doesn't cut it in this thread unless ofcourse its got green hairs ; )

    2.You must note whether or not they are your pics and if possible the strain.

    3.No obviously dyed nugs.

    4.Colorful Hash counts aswell ; )

    5.No lighting gimmicks, we have all seen it....like this

    6. Keep the clutter down unless your posting pics. I know its tempting to comment if someone posted some homegrown sour diesel with purple hairs and bright blue nugs but if you do also bring along some pics of your own.

    So I guess I'll start with three buds that are my own, enjoy

    True Blueberry-Wonderful stuff nice lime green buds with blue tips and yellow leaves

    Big Bud x Skunk-Beautifully white

    Super Silver Haze-
    Cured to perfection but would be more colorful if it hadn't been so thoroughly trimmed had stubs of purple leaves and yellow leaves.

    Now here are some buds that aren't mine but downright gorgeous


    Blueberry yum yum

    Violator Kush

    More Violator Kush

    The Purps

    Mountain Jam

    Cherry Berry

  2. Wow.
    Those are amazing.
    Good post, thanks for the time you must have spent :)

    I've complained in other posts about how crappy it is in New Zealand, although it's said that New Zealand has the best weed in the world (Confirmation?)
    I've never ever seen anything purple, or blue, or yellow, and damn I'm jealous.

    Is colourful stuff stronger? Or just prettier?
  3. beautiful. i'm in love.
  4. You say not to post green buds, yet you posted some...big bud x skunk, true blueberry. and SSH all have 0 colour. Saying bud is white when it is infact green doesnt make it white.

  5. quoted for the truth
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    That "Blueberry Yum Yum" I think is actually called Pink Kush. At least that's what it was labeled as in the OP. Pics wouldn't upload so I attatched them.

    First one is God Bud, it is Indica dominant, was the most potent of all besides the Shiva, which is almost TOO couchlocky. 2nd pic is Sweet Pink Grapefruit, 3rd one is C99(Another favorite), 4th is Purple Kush, and last one is of course, the Shiva Skunk(It's green bud but this pic is just too beautiful), extremely potent and very couchlocky, the hash that comes from it is just beautiful. These are not my pics, I have smoked all of these except for the Sweet Pink Grapefruit which I have heard many good things about. You can click on the pics to zoom in and then again to zoom further in(Yeah, you know you want to;)).

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  7. That big bud is white not green, the true blue has yellow leaves with blue tips on the buds and the SSH is cured yellow. So yeah there is green on them but also more i didn't say buds couldn't have any green. Your just a hater post some colorful buds or gtfo.
  8. Absolutely Beautiful.
  9. yellow leaves can also mean that the leaves were wilting when cut...
  10. you can tell some of those were completely shopped. the color on them is completely off, and you can tell from background color.

    but still, they look like some amazing nuggets
  11. Grape ape, no close up's sowwy.
  12. also grape ape

  13. beautiful...simply beautiful
  14. Beautiful... absolutely amazing. Where can I get seeds of that stuff, I really wanna grow it for the funzies :D
  15. I'm so jealous now. I've never seen any buds so colorful. I'm thinking of growing some blueberry soon, hopefully mine will turn out that colorful.
  16. The violator kush is yellow because the plant sucks Nitrogen out of the leaves, leaving them yellow at the end of flowering..
  17. Wow that trainwreck and blueberry are the most beautiful plants i've ever seen.
  18. Dude you need a warning before you entire this thread. I honestly spilt my bowl from looking at this thread....Shame on you!

    lol, good buds dude

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