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Most Californians Want it Legelized!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by inkredibuds, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Don't care if it's old news. This is fucking terrific news!
  2. haha norml ftw!
  3. Heh, yeah, it's funny how many people you can get behind a cause when higher taxes are the alternative.

    And yeah, I don't see any other way out of Calis debt problems other than to legalize weed, or raise taxes.

    Hey, I'll take it any way we can get it. A win is a win is a win. And with all the other stunts of lobbying last-minute bullshit onto proposed laws voted in Congress, I won't feel one bit guilty if it's the threat of higher taxes that made weed legal.
  4. This is great news!

    We need to take this more seriously, because if the US legalizes, the rest of the world will follow. If the vote doesn't go in our favor, our next chance might be years away.

    Come on Cali!
  5. I wonder how legalization/decriminalization will affect prices. Anyone know of any information on how the Amsterdam market was affected when the laws changed?
  6. Shit most of America wants it legalized.

  7. Prices will drop, I currently live in Los Angeles California.. Prices here are 400 - 1 OZ.

    When Legalized prices would drop to 150 - 1 OZ.
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    your paying way too much money then.
    and why is everyone so sure that prices will drop?
    I dont want to sound negative because I really hope this passes and I think theres a real chance. but if there's anything I learned from my statistics classes, its that news polls never give off accurate statistics because a lot of different factors
    one time, the homework was for the class to heavily skew the results of an online poll..

  9. Price will drop, growing won't have to be as stealthy and risky so more people will grow (maybe not great grow, but more people will grow for self). For you to think prices wouldn't drop is crazy.

  10. Because of economic theory and modelling. The black market creates massive artificial inflation; remove this, supply increases, huge economies of scale are born and the price inevitably falls, even if there are high levels of taxation.
  11. I saw another poll yesterday that said America is 33% for legalization, 55% against, which means nationwide legalization is pretty far away. But you, sir, pay way too much for bud ha i would never pay over 200 an Oz., it's a plant, not a manufactured good.
  12. ^ This. It's economics 101.
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    Where do you live?? (rhetorical)

    And I'm sure he is gettin hella cronic (and you as well) but that would go close to 5 here, so not that bad!
  14. Norcal/Cencal, when i'm home i know a grower, and up at school the weed flows like water :smoking:.

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