Most Beautiful state for a woman to be in

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  1. Ok guys (unles you're gay ((which is fine :p ))and gals if you're so inclined). We all know women spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over the course of their lives on their appearance, from the basic and necessary such as a quick brush of the hair, to thee frankly insane such as Pamela Anderson's tits. Some do it for us, some do it to compete with other women... some simply don't feel good about themselves without it. Well it's time the gloves come off. WE know who the REAL experts on a woman's beauty are, WE spend easily triple the time (MINIMUM) looking at them than they spend on looking good. So what's the truth, what's the most beautiful state for a woman to be in for you?

    Right now my girl is snuggled into bed, sleeping peacefully. She's totally naked, hair sprawled out over the pillow, and has a little bit of the day's makeup giving the slightest touch of panda eyes... and I have to say, it's the most gorgeous sight I know. Sure, a cute shirt and a short skirt is fun while out and about, sure she's sex on legs in some Victoria's Secret... but right now, how she looks is still my favorite, untouched by the worries of the world, incapable of being fussed if she forgot her favorite t-shirt or if she looks 'crap' (her words) in the morning... :)
    That to me is when she's the mot beautiful.

    So spill guys, what's yours?
  2. The same. Not much of a makeup fan.
  3. nymphomaniac state :D
  4. Aw this thread is cute :)
    From now on ill believe it when I catch him staring at me and I'm told I look pretty...
    Laying in bed in his tshirt reading a book..with glasses on and my hair in a messy bun haha. I usually hit him lightly with my book and call him a liar. But now I won't . Still..he might me lying :D
  5. :p hehe maybe half converted a girl to believe us with this thread? Believe him treelover, he means it :p
  6. [quote name='"LazyWalruss"']:p hehe maybe half converted a girl to believe us with this thread? Believe him treelover, he means it :p[/quote]

    Yeah but you guys don't get it a lot of us ladies think you are crazy when you say those things. I know I do hahaha
  7. We are crazy, to a man (no pun intended). We still mean it :)
  8. This thread is killing me! :(

    Me and my girl are on a break and the thought of being able to look at her sleeping peacefully like that is bumming me out!

    HONEST opinion is her long flowing hair just out the shower, her face completely without makeup, wearing my boxers, and nothing on the top half ;)
    In her cute slippers, cuddled up on the sofa under my arm, doing her cute 'ive just woke up' voice.

    FUUUUUCK! why am i not with her right now.......... :(

  9. same, except the break is probably permanent... but anyway, I think girls are in their most beautiful state when they have no make up on and really don't give one shit about how they look.

    The times when my ex would jump into bed with one of my shirts on and just her underwear with no make up or anything was when she was cutest thing. She would get comfy under the covers and rest her head on my chest. She'd doze off while I slid my fingers up and down her back and watched her slowly fall asleep... times like that when she didn't care about anything except being content in the moment was when she was as beautiful as she could be.

    I really miss her now...
  10. I like my women how I like my cofee... Ground up and in the freezer

  11. Hope its not permanent man. Definetily agree with the no make-up thing too.
  12. [quote name='"Dissec"']I like my women how I like my cofee... Ground up and in the freezer[/quote]

    That's cute! I also like my women like I like my coffee... Small, black, and made by my parents.
  13. this thread fails

    the answer is whenever a woman is naked
  14. I like to see mine on her knees with her face buried in her pillow while I plow the shit out of her.:eek:

  15. Oh you old school romantic!
  16. Snuggled up with me early in the morning.
  17. Cuddled up sleeping with the cats, big fuzzy cute pajamas, book or laptop still open from her waiting for me to get home from work.
  18. When it's just us and the world around doesn't really seem to matter, whether we're curled up on the couch on in a place with hundreds of people. When I look into her eyes and she looks back into mine, I just get this feeling of inner peace. Then I throw her ball and she runs off after it, wagging her tail as she brings it back.

    Haha, gotcha!
  19. the fella seemed to like me wearing his flannel with my hair down, and glasses.

    horny bastard. :love:
  20. [quote name='"Mista Marijuana"']this thread fails

    the answer is whenever a woman is naked[/quote]

    Damn u stole my answer. I know this is a thread about women but I just was thinking about my favorite state that I like my guy in : naked. I'm pretty sure that's his favorite for me too lol

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