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  1. So for some reason the town was hit by bombs and it was post apocalyptica. I was in this clan with my english professor who (in my dream) was ex special forces and taught me how to jump off 20 foot ledges without getting hurt. So me and this girl went out to gather supplies and we wound up getting captured. The whole time I was being pushed around and tortured and shit while being lead back to the headquarters. After my captor found a box of "needles of death" and "spoons of life" and threw them at me, I decided I had enough. I grabbed a syringe and started wrestling with the guy. Finally it landed in his neck and when I plunged it in there I said "quit fighting bitch, the shit's stuck in there." Then his mouth started foaming up and he died. Anyways me and this girl start running through this factory place trying to get out and I have to keep reminding her how to jump off these ledges to safety. "Come on bitch just fucking cannonball that's how you do it! Fucking jump!" Anyways finally we reached this barbed wire fence and the second we climbed over it, my alarm clock went off. I was SO pissed.

    But yeah, anyways that's my badass dream.
  2. sounds like an average day for me
  3. This was a dream? I get into situations like this all the time ;)
  4. Meh one time i dreamt i was on an island and i beat the shit out of some invading pirates. I posted the full story somewhere else but it was totally badass.

    They were like the french pirates from master and commander and man i had so much fun. Also after i finished snappig necks there was a guy who delivered me a free pizza on a boat. Oh yeah

    I am serious i had this dream a couple months ago. Totally badass.
  5. I like having dreams about sleeping with my sister in law.


    Don't tell my wife about that.


  6. aren't you the "stay at home dad" because you refuse to work because of your "lower back pain" (Lmao) while your wife goes to school and works and is busy 24/7?
  7. I had a dream I was a shark with lasers that had to attack German subs. The night before Shark Week started.

    I was soooo excited.
  8. So with your dream logic, to escape the post apocalyptic life of living day by day looking for food, water, weapons and shelter, all you had to do was jump a 20 foot ledge to safety? :laughing:

    I have some crazy dreams too. Almost every night I have some really wild dream that makes no sense at all. For some reason I dream very vividly and am usually aware of the dreaming but I can't quite get to the stage of lucid dreaming. I've tried but I always fuck it up. Once I knew I was dreaming so I tried to jump off a cliff and free float, but as soon as I thought of doing that I was jerked awake but paralyzed for a few seconds and my vision was filled with the tan color of dessert canyons. I got the color right at least :D.

  9. aaaaaawwwww yeah

  10. I once had a dream about a full on zombie outbreak and I and a group of survivors were in a mall (very Dawn of the Dead esk) and then they attacked us and me and my friend took out every last zombie, like utterly destroyed them. But he managed to get bit and I had to kill him. I woke up after that.

    Badass dreams > movies
  11. It's never fun to put down a friend. But you are either a huge bad ass or those were pussy zombies, but I'm gonna go with the huge bad ass since that is what tends to happen in dreams :cool:.
  12. i had this dream a couple of months ago and i was fighting shit like demons and dragons, with awsome weapons like swords and polearms, at a big market selling them... so i was killing 'em all in like a competition but then my awsome polearm broke because it turned out to be just be a foam and plastic kids toy you'd buy for $5, so then i borrow this mega hot asian chicks weapon for a while but then i give it back to her...cause i'm a nice peoples. But then i had no money to buy a new weapon so i had to mish it around town to find a new weapon but all i could afford was a toothpick...which didn't work so well but then i woke up even in my dreams i can't escape shit like money.
    Or i have these awsome dreams sometimes where i'm running around doing parkour (which i suck at in real life) or just running super fast like faster than cars, but then i'll like get stuck and i can't parkour over stuff anymore and then the cops come, and then i wake up cause fuck getting arrested in your dreams. :mad: Who hates it when your awsome dreams turn to shit fast and there's nothing you can do about it?
  13. onetime i had a zombie dream to like that but i was running 'round town just going into zombie hotspots killing 'em all, but then i met a group of cool zombies that i could talk to and they taught me how to be a zombie without being a zombie but there's was a phyco stalker zombie chick that tried to bite me (well she was just a normal zombie but she could talk) so i ran away but later in the dream i met the cool group again and the phyco zombie chick bit me and my best mate in my dream who was also my best mate in real life bailed on me cause zombies were uncool and he couldn't hang with me anymore and then i woke up cause i turned into a zombie... WE HAVE REALLY FUCKED UP DREAMS.:D
  14. i posted a thread with the same name a while ago, except my dream involved more badassness and velociraptors on mars.
  15. Fucking love badass dreams. Do you wake up feeling really good as well? I do. It puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.
  16. Actually I felt more stressed out like I do when I'm reeling from a nightmare.

    But then I just remembered how badass the dream was, running from some evil motherfuckers after stabbing one in the neck with a syringe and watching his mouth foam
  17. Now I'm no psychologist, but I'd say that based on that dream, you want to have sex with your English professor.
  18. And you didn't nail her?

    Disappointed, I am.

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