Most awesome shed- Redux (pics)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rob19, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Some of you may remember I posted a thread several weeks ago with pictures of my shed.

    Well, I've let it evolve and kept adding things and showed it to more and more people and got more and more suggestions, and more and more love... man everyone loves that thing.. lmao

    Well I recently set my latest dream for it into motion... and turned it into space.. I painted the interior black, and put glow in the dark stars all over it, and redid all the Christmas lights... and then I smoked a blunt in space :smoking:- Took me 3 days of hard work between 3 people but seeing only the cherry of a blunt being passed around in space was so worth it..

    Unfortunately they are 'glow in the dark' stars.. and camera's need light to take pictures.. or atleast my crappy one does.. nevertheless, here are some pictures of it in some light and maybe you can imagine what that would be like.

    I also added the one thing every stoner wants more than a blunt in space..... a blunt in space sitting on some couches...

    oh yes..

    couch lockedddd innnn spaceeeeeeeee


    gotta represent with the monster... / rosary incase the devil ever tries to run up on the shed...


    beer update! even got a floating keg and a few bottles up in this piece..


    roof shot

    here's some old pics from the other thread:

    mah bong:

    mah hookah:
  2. god damn that is fucking awesome....
  3. you lucky mother.
    can i come over and chill lol
  4. Fucking sick. All you need to do now is hang a stethascope on the wall...And whenever somebody ask's about it, be like "Oh man....That's SUCH a long story"
  5. Your shed has become exponentially cooler than it already was. Props.

    I'd rep ya but I need to spread around the love a bit first.
  6. That is exactly what I was going for, lmao
  7. Do you live in a cool region? I can't imagine sitting in there without AC where I live. Props dude, the shed is legit.
  8. Damn bro, that looks amazing

  9. I live in Miami, FL... but it does have an A/C.. you can see it in one of the pictures.. I had to seal the shed best I could, and then I installed an A/C unit.. lotta work went into the whole remodeling of this thing.. I mean.. it was just a regular shed.. with tools and shit.. and I had to clean it, seal it, install an A/C, lay down carpet, move in furniture, decorate it, paint it... took some time... but so so so worth it.. it's like... THE place to be if you like smoking and drinking... or just hanging out with some chill ass people in a chill ass place :smoking:
  10. oh, I see it now, haha. That is so awesome, if I'm ever on the right coast I'll have to hit that spot up ;P

  11. what part of the bay are you from?
  12. Dude, i'm so envious. A couple summers ago i tried building a shed type of thing in my backyard to kick it in. Unfortunately my stoner friends and i only made it to laying down the frame and the flooring.

  13. Lmfaooo... that sounds way too stoner typical.. maybe that's why everyone is so surprised when they first see it

    & anyone with some fire bud that wants to come through is more than welcome, lol
  14. this shed is sick. someone i know used to have a shed kind of like that, and it was epic. i had been there a number of times to smoke and stuff. so fucking chill.

    see what happens when you put hard labor and real effort into something you really want? it does pay off in the end! good for you for getting something awesome that you can safely call your own :D +rep
  15. Brentwood in East-bay, it's 90-100 everyday out there unless we get lucky and a storm comes through.
  16. that looks really chill, I could spend hours in there doing absolutely nothing ^_^
  17. It's what I do all the time :smoking:
  18. and people say stoners aren't motivated.

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