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  1. What is the best pick up line you can think of? and Im not just talking about ones that work but ones that are funny or so rediculas makes them awesome here is one.

    'Want to go halfsies on a bastard child?'
  2. next time i go to a party, im gonna walk up to a flirty/drunk girl and simply say

    "hey, nice shoes, wanna make make out?"

    i swear to god it'll work. it woulda worked on the last girl i hooked up with no joke.
  3. I want to be so deep inside of you that whoever pulls me out will be crowned the king of England.
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    I can see why poeple would wanna rape you.

    Hey you wanna go back to my house and do the stuff I'm gonna tell people we did anyway?

    Hey could you smell this rag please?
  5. i got a bottle of chloroform in my truck do you want to huff it?
  6. Does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?
  7. Did someone say something about chloroform? I missed it...

  8. I don't always troll,

    But when I do I troll hard.
  9. "Girl you MUST be tired, cause you been running thru my mind all day":rolleyes:

    And the failsafe......Wanna' get High?:)
  10. LOL, made my day.

    "I'm here, now go ahead with your next 2 wishes."
  11. Baby I'm obsessed with you but you know you're ad-dic-ted. Or at least about to be

    *Pulls down pants*
  12. You look fine girl got damn Imma fine tuner lemme pull out my wand and fine tune that ass of yours. Phat by the way very nice
  13. Pick up lines are for suckers.
    If a girl falls for a pickup line thats an automatic sign that its not a girl I would be looking for.

    There are exceptions ofcourse, but then it has to be played VERY well.

    Otherwise its just cheap, and cheesey.

  14. What he said.

  15. Tis is obvious. Its what we weaken your defenses with muehehehehehe :devious:

  16. OK I'll admit some of them are really funny and they make me laugh.
    Like on Saturday this guy said to me 'Fancy 3 minutes in heaven? I can make it happen.'
    He was serious.
    I laughed, heartily...and I did not go home with him :p
  17. (this example is for me, being Swedish, but any nationality can be mad-libbed)
    -Do you have any Swedish in you?
    -Would you like some? ;)
  18. lmao, nice one!
    but in serious situations, most girls would probably just see it as another piece of evidence that your only goal is sex.
    so i stay with my previous statement lol

  19. Oh, I don't do pickup lines. These are just for teh lawlz
  20. "Hi, I am [insert name]" ;) has never failed

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