most addictive substance ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ehmm ayche, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. so last friday after my physics exam, i went to the quiznos by my school, ordered a perpercorn beef 12 inch on white, ate that shit down. I then ordered another to go and went to my car to blaze.

    I swear these things were so tasty and godlike that ive been craving themn hardcore

    i just wish quiznos wasnt so damn expensive
  2. i want one. hard.
  3. Quiznos>>>> Subway
  4. I like Quiznos and Subway, just depends on my mood. Quiznos Black Angus rocks though.
  5. subway=assorted witheverything but onnions on it before or during a road trip

    quiznos=any other time

    mr sub=never
  6. quizno's makes me very happy but my wallet feels the opposite.

    but I have a buddy that works there now! wooooo :]

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