Most addicting netflix series

Discussion in 'General' started by loneSSwolff, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Hey fellow blades watcha been addicted to? For me it's.....
    "orange is the new black"
    "once upon a time"
    "The following"
    "The fall"
    Anything I'm missing out on? Already tried Twd and I can't make it past episode 3 without falling asleep lol

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  2. missing out on one thing....
    jk, I only watch movies, or how i met your mother.
  3. Dexter... first couple eps are boring but it gets better

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    Give the walking dead another chance..yes it starts out slow but trust me you will get hooked on it before you finish even half of the first season.
  5. Revolution!!!

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  6. Aw TWD is kind of slow moving but it's worth the chance if you were to give it another!
    I love Once Upon a Time, Bojack Horseman is a hilarious original, and I also lost several weeks of my life watching How I Met Your Mother in hardcore binge mode. American Horror Story, I have seen the first season like eight times in completion and it never gets old. I'm thinking about watching Orange is the new Black, maybe. I have heard great things about it!
  7. BMS forever

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  8. Agreed! And this is Blue Mountain State. Seriously funny stuff.
    Off the top of my head, House of Cards and Eureka for shows not already suggested here. :)
  9. House.

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  10. Sons of anarchy
  11. Ohh yes I forgot about dexter, that show turned me onto series shows instead of the shitty sitcom/reality shows that take up most of the channels. Orange is the new back is highly recommended especially if you like the whole crazy prison lesbian theme. I think I'll try Twd again this weekend. Any one watch "hemlock grove"?

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  12. Watch 1000 ways to die. I love to watch that show when i'm high. Another show i trip out on it's How it's made on the learning chanell.
  13. FBI files too

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  14. The Killing.
    I have never heard anyone talk about it, and had never heard of it. It's fantastic though. It's a netflix original, and one of the best shows I have ever watched. It's refreshing because it's a cop drama that actually goes in depth on the crime.
  15. As in Netflix original series, or just any series on Netflix? My favorite Netflix original series is Orange is the New Black, without a doubt. Then again, I haven't really watched any others. Archer, Trailer Park Boys, and Breaking Bad are some other series on Netflix I enjoy.
    I tried to get into the Walking Dead, and somewhat did for awhile. But once I got into the third season, I just got bored and dropped it, and haven't regained any interest since.
    That show is the shit! So morbid and gross and god I love it :laughing:
  16. Arrested Development
    I watched most of HG. I stopped halfway through the first season, then ended up watching the whole thing through a couple months later when the 2nd season came out, and watched halfway through the 2nd season. Ended up stopping again, though. Great imagery but it's so drawn out I get bored.
  18. Yes I'm talking about any series on Netflix my dude

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    Oh yeah, Prison Break too! it got a little old in later seasons. Arrow is another good one!

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