Moss growing gon surface, lol??

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  1. Currently on my 4th week of growing, a couple of my plants have moss formed on the surface of the soil. I scrapped it off. Perhaps it is because I am growing in plastic pots, planning to switch to fabric pots soon. Any idea how to deal with the moss and if I can permanently remove it?
  2. pictures help
    is it on the soil or the perlite
  3. It's probably aglae caused by constabtly wet nutrtious medium. It attracts fungus gnats. When you transplant, leave some space on top to add new dry medium if the problem persisrs. Ofen as the plants mature the leaves shade the top of the container and the plants soak up water so fast that you no longer have wet medium exposed to light.
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  4. water only when the top of the soil is dry. This will stop it . Or the soil is total shit like garden soil with a shit load of clay then you need to add sand on the top of the soil .
  5. Thanks a lot guys.
    I believe the perlite had moss on them, going on some soil. Will this damage my plant or I can deal with it this week, and the plant will not suffer? I am abroad and a friend is taking care of them, coming back today. Does humidity and airflow have to do something with it?
    Yes, it's true I had when I had seedlings, the top later of soil and perlite were exposed to light and we're wet for some days, that's because I over watered in the very beginning. If I add a bit of soil to the top sill it stop? What kind of sand should I add or are clay rocks, normal rocks ok for it?
  6. You are ok. Airflow, adding dry on top, whatever it takes will improve situation, but algae does not harm plants and grows everywhere there is moisture and light and gnats love it and they eat roots.
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  7. I would assume that I will physically see the gnats flying around and in the soil if they appear
  8. Just sand like at the beach . Nothing will help it go away venting so on. The sand may help. It will improve the drainage . Yes it can damage the roots . If the soil is rotten it will for sure impact the plants survival.
    Sometimes soil is just garbage right out of the bag even well know brand names fox farm so on. Once in a wile it will run into issues not as often though .
  9. @TimJ
    is the above what you were talking about a couple weeks ago
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  10. pictures are worth a thousand words, when you dont have any you will gather nothing but i think
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  11. I've had lots of conversations here in the past few weeks @old shol4evr. I cannot help the OP as I see no pictures. It wouldn't be wise to advise someone without knowing what issues they actually have.
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  12. were we talked of information, but ya been a few weeks, back to lumber jack work hahaha
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  13. Yes, If you don't see any or many you have no problem. But the main issue is that you are probably over watering.. The roots and medium only need to stay moist not wet.

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