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Moss Graffiti

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by 777dsk420, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. its a growing trend i guess just heard about it..pretty cool..using a buttermilk/beer/ and moss solution as paint to make graffiti on the street as it grows into a nice mossy piece of art, what im wondering first is has anyone else tried this.? and also how legal is this like would one be best to stick to alleys or can freely go on any appropriate looking wall and get to work without worrying bout pigs..i do live in the city so my options are good..id like to try this!
  2. that sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could have a fine enough mixture to put in a big squirtgun or something?

    I had this idea once to use fertilizer on a grass field to make graffiti....like you could go to a big grassy park and pour fertilizer on the grass in a certain pattern making a picture appear later...you could even use different fertilizers to create different tones of green...same could be done with the moss I bet...maybe different strains of moss that would grow different textures or colors...hmmmmm. I'm thinkin if you used all natural organic nutes you couldn't get into any trouble. I wanted to put a huge peace sign in my local park for a long time now....it wouldn't take much and it would last at least a whole season.

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