Moss for mulch

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Sherlock Clones, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Any harm in using moss from the forrest floor as mulch to cut down on evaporation?
    Cant get rice hulls.
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  2. I like that thought.
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  3. Its been in the 30's here with the humidity and pots are drying like crazy
  4. Probably work pretty dam good IMO
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  5. I can't address growing reefer in pots, but my wife made a couple of 'moss gardens' outside.
    It seemed a remarkably good mulch... and did not require shade or humidity; simply transplanted.
    Our moss grows on a shaded hillside, but transplants well.
    I wouldn't bring it inside, however.
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  6. Do you mean ripping it out and using it like straw?
  7. I just wanna use it as a mat to cover soil up..

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  8. Yes..i cant get unsprayed straw here this time of yr gonna use rice hulls or alfalfa hay
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  9. I dunno.... it's going to decompose, don't you think?
    I was thinking growing some moss on top of the soil....
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  10. Never heard of rice hulls as mulch. I use em for aeration. Neat.
  11. I KNOW that my local hardware store has small bales of sticky straw.
    That's here.
  12. Probably work pretty dam good IMO .

    Yeah I was under the assumption you were gonna trans plant it.
  13. No just use as a cover..17 gallon pots are drying quick..
    Thanks everyone.

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