mosquito dunks and ferts FYI's

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  1. Fyi to all newer growers (myself included). I'm at week 5 from seed. I had used hydroton and didnt bleach it. I just flushed it out. At the beginning of week 4 i noticed a few larva crawling around my bucket. After reading multiple posts on other sites about using mosquito dunks I decided to give it a try. After 24 hrs the larva was gone but my plant had started to wilt. I figured hell im almost to my change date I might as well just change the nutes. So I mixed a batch at full veg strength. 5 hours later the plant seemed to pirk back up. So figured cool its fixed. The following day i checked back and AGAIN the plant was wilted plus it was starting to lighten up. I have come to a conclusion with the help of my local hydro guy. When a plant is this young dont do anything to it except 1/2 nutes until about a foot tall. These little guys cant take all of the stress. When they are older they may be able to handle these mosquito dunks which actually work. I have pulled a noob move and rushed the process. TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE SUPER CLEAN!!!!!
  2. check her out today and she is lifting back up. I rinsed the roots out under the faucet and dunked them in a pitcher of ro water for 25 min. Then cleaned the bucket and and ran plain ro water over night. I hope someone can learn from this experience.
  3. what brand of nutes, and strains, i have no problems using md's w/ full strength nutes
  4. i believe it turned out more of a temp and ph level than anything. The nutes were holland secret 3 part

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