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  1. So last night i took my little bro to his first mosh pit yesterday. for a virgin he held his pretty well! haha i threw him in the pit once, that was fun.
    it was a kick ass show, bands were cocytus, junglerot, and dirge. dirge was fuckin metal as hell, everyone just rocking out.
    after the show i sold my last dime of mids, smoked some dro while drinking vodka and jack the whole time.
    the roach from the joint of dro was amazing. i jus put the whole thing in a bowl and smoked it. it was pretty small, but holy damn. it got me trippin for that little amount.
  2. sounds like a blast man. my best mosh pit ive been to was at mushroomhead. it was crazy! and i was mad high off a 6g blunt. good times:smoking:
  3. moshpits are awesome man. i was at a slipknot concert a while ago for my first pit, and i went in a slayer pit too man...for like 5 minutes. slayer pits=:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  4. Damn I don't know if I would be down to go to a slayer pit(especially since I don't really like that music), but I just went into my first pit yesterday at the street dogs at house of blues. What a blast. A lot of pushing around, flinging bodies , holly bejeezus shit makes you feel alive- good cardio too!

    I gotta go to a metallica mosh pit next
  5. Ive been in a Dying Fetus mosh pit. That set was incredible and ultra groovy..

    Devourment was a good mosh pit action shit too,

    I went to a korn concert, PACKED AS HELL and i came towards the end, pushed my ass towards the upfront moshpit and went crazy and took some pictures for a punk magazine as i was ultra swaggin that day.
  6. Slayer is one of my top 3 metal bands and im scared to be in there big pits but my dream is to open for them. real talk
  7. best mosh pit I've ever seen was during August Burns Red. holy fuckin shit they know how to throw it down. I got elbowed in the face so fucking hard it was awesome :D
  8. lol, you do know that not all moshpits are about just straight fucking people up right? The one I was in was circle moshing just a way to let out all our aggressions but not trying to break blood either, althogh if that happens well hey there's always that element of danger.

    I'm just not sure how you meant it like if you really enjoyed getting elbowed in the face or you were being sarcastic and think mosh pits are silly/stupid? Or i dunno hard to tell through the interwebs. What did you mean?
  9. Yea I didn't enjoy getting a bow to the face but it happens...I meant that mosh pit was freakin insane. good times for sure. mosh pits aren't meant to straight up hurt people but when the music is that fuckin hardcore, it's bound to happen :metal:
  10. I know they're not exactly "metal", but my first mosh was at a Gallows show. Holy shit, that was fun. Frank Carter actually came down from the stage and moshed too. Goddamn. We smoked a joint with the band after the show.

    Miss that day...
  11. hmmmm.....I dont really know If I would be into that sort of stuff but I felt like coming and commenting anyway.

    I know alot of people who are into it but just dont understand it

    If some drunk guy punched me in the mouth I would get pretty angry

    edit: I understand it, I just dont see why. I get it tho, how it could be fun
  12. The biggest moshpit I've ever been in was Pantera/Slayer. It was fun going at it with the long hairs and Nazi boneheads that night. Craziest one though was a Hatebreed/Biohazard show on LI back in 03, it was Hatebreeds first show on LI in like 2 years at the time, and everyone was fired up, seriously, it was pure madness. Even I was a little bit intimidated to mosh that night, people were fuckin just killin each other. But it was all in good fun!:metal:

  13. Have you ever been into a mosh pit? I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be into moshing. Even right before this guy convinced me to jump in I thought I would immediately hate it. THen, as I circled the pit it was like all the negative energy I had built up from over the years went out, then and there. It's almost a religious experience.

    Not to mention it's hella good cardio:smoke:

  14. True that, it can look fuckin' scary, but when you get in there and the music is cranked you just start running on adrenaline. It's awesome.
  15. Mosh pits are fucking awesome.

    Best experience was spending the whole 50 minute set of Machine Head in the pit at Download festival 2007. So fucking tiring though.
  16. only reason i go to most live shows is the pit!!!!!!
    spend the whole time the end of the show......OMG......:)

    -some friends talked me into a country bar....and let me have tequila....

    got tossed out for starting a mosh pit on the line dance floor......:)

    was great fun!
    cowboys flying in every direction!!!!!!!:metal:
  17. Last time I moshed was during Angel of Death. American Carnage tour Long Beach. Megadeth Slayer Fuck Yes. Thrash Fucking Metal
  18. I went in a mosh pit for a second a couple years ago. It wasn't a real crazy mosh pit or anything. It just seems like a good place for some fuck shit to occur. I just came in and pushed another big dude and I never really got pushed around but I was only in there for a sec. I was with all girls at the concert so I had no one to show me the ropes lol. Actually one of the girls ran into the mosh pit but they wouldn't push her around.
  19. If there is ONE rule you follow in a mosh pit it is to pick up a fellow mosher when he is down

    And mosh pits ARE NOT for just fucking people up, unless you're down to recieve the same back to you but 10x harder because everyone will gang up on the guy acting stupid like that....

    There is always justice in a mosh pit :cool:
  20. Fucking love moshpits. Been in more than my fair share of circle pits and death walls. Parkway drive shows in aus are the fucking bomb. I usually try and steal peoples shoes when they crowd surf over me tololol.

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