Mosaic Virus? !

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  1. I have a feeling all of my seedlings are affected, as well as a sativa I have in flowering. Can anyone please confirm this so I can remove them, sanitize everything and start a new perpetual grow? Trying to out grow the government here..

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  2. do you smoke cigarettes Im gonna say you do or some one in there is they are not going to work out toss em in the rubbish use rubber gloves on it seeds trans plant everything its the cigarettes whey will grow but fucked up dont bother with them I been there I know
  3. before we jump to conclusions do you know what the runoff pH is of that soil?

    i mean, lets weigh out all of the other possibilities before we decide its TMV. cause if it is, i feel sorry for u bro.
  4. I did smoke a blunt a few weeks ago in the grow, I never started washing my hands untill now, Im almost certain it is. I dont have a pH tester and I never have had one, I feel like it is the virus though, the signs are pretty obvious wouldn't you agree? I mean look at that one seedling, it looks all sorts of fucked up. I havn't really noticed that growth on my flowering plants has gotten any worse though, or that any new signs have showed up. Maybe its fighting off the virus..?
  5. i wont disagree with you, they do look like signs of a mossiac virus. but what if the pH is just off, and those plants are perfectly fine? this could not be the case but on the other hand it may. i just know how bad it would suck ass to throw all of your babies away... well if it is a mosiac virus they will only get worse, ide try to fix everything before i threw them out, but thats just me. you cant fix a virus, but like i said if its just your plants showing strange signs of a mg def and an incorrect pH, than it would be worth it to save them.

    just tryin to help out :smoke:
  6. I have hundreds of seeds man, I only use bagseed, I have another 22 soaking in water just in case my seedlings are no good, if they are and I cant use the new seeds I have its ok because I have plenty more. The flowering plant I will not kill because I'm six weeks in and other than that one leaf and a few burns its looking alright.
  7. guess its your call.

    i checked out your grow thread. im not sure exactly how it works but alfalfa can cause a mosiac virus, too.
  8. I never used alfalfa except on my smallest indica, which doesn't show any signs of it at all. Seriously though? I have never heard of this happening. I will definitely be looking into this, thanks for the info.
  9. Vox FWIW, mosaic virus is not easily encountered unless you or someone is working in or around an environment where its prevelant. It could happen but its probably rare unless you brought it into your grow room via soil or a plant or something your handled. The virus is just that - a virus - so its habitat needs is not like that of bacteria or fungi.

    I'd be careful in your diagnosis just to be sure. Because if you are 100% certain that those plants have mosaic virus you should burn them and the soil. Do not recycle or compost the plants or the soil. Sterilize anything and everything else.

    Those plants look pretty healthy to me. The one that shows the greatest stress could be just an anomally. Idk, the others look otherwise 'normal' for a seedling.

    Just a thought. :)
  10. You didn't notice the strange random blotches of light color on the "normal" looking seedlings? Even the soil needs to be sterilized? Damn, I thought I would just get rid of the plant matter, thanks for the info on not composting it though. Ill post some more pics of some leaves that have holes in them that do NOT seem to be a result of bugs though. My plants dont seem to be debilitated though and I am hoping its just a genetic mutation or pH problems, any other blades care to chime in?

    Thanks poss, love that bubblefuck grow btw!
  11. Hi, your plants do have a virus. Any time you see that whitewashed looking swirl on leaves it's viral. Not mosiac, there are thousands of plants viuses, I call it 'having a cold'. You see that once in a while in a grow, usually not all of them however...
  12. I figured, is it one that will annihilate my grow in the long run? Once flowering kicks in? Can these plants fight off these virus's and if I dont sanatize the hell out of my area will all of my future seedlings have some virus of a sort? Or do I need to BURN everything like poss says lol.
  13. I toss the plant if it's speads to it's newest growth, from where in the plant you first encountered it...I give the plant a chance to fight it, and if it's on it's new growth or it's neighbors, i toss it/them.
    They are actually very common and people's plants fight them off without people necessarily knowing what they are looking it. They are usually really harmless, some are horrible, like mosaic, which looks different than that one BTW.
    When I toss them, I toss dirt, container, plant and I clean with bleach water anything nearby.
  14. What about hydrogen peroxide, will that do the trick If I get rid of the soil and scrub the soy milk containers down with that?

    So your saying this doesn't look like Tobacco mosaic at all? Just another less harmful one like alfalfa (Or some other one)? I suppose thats good news seeing as my plants are not wrecked.. yet.

    I think its neat they are fighting it off, I'm not risking it with the seedlings thoough thats too early in the game, I'll start over with those girls.

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  15. Not mosiac, no, it has a very specific pattern, this is just 'viral', they do fight things off like we do. I have noticed that I get more viral plants from seed, from Amsterdam, than from anywhere else, and that they are seasonal like with humans...shitty plant weather?? hahaha

    I will photograph the next one I see, and post it for info.
  16. "Viral" As in how colds "go around" or it has a virus. Yea mine is straight bagseed from like 2 years ago so who knows where it came from (All Mid though).
  17. I believe the Mosaic Virus for marijuana that destroys harvests is sooooooo rare I doubt you have it. I've had Mosaic Virus's on two different grows now, and both finished just fine. Keep your plant happy and it will remain dormant.

    Most people with Mosaic Virus issues are going to have issues anyway imo. It's a matter of stress.
  18. I've had a few like the worst looking one in your pics with the twisted leaves. I never knew(and still don't) know exactly what it was. Sometimes they will grow out and be perfectly fine,and other times they won't. The only times I've personally observed it was when the plants are about at the same stage as your's are. With the curling and hooking of the leaves, I've observed that after a few sets have grown out they would #1-resume normal growth and show no more signs, or#2- the leaves would "pinch" themselves off where the blades seperate, and at that time I would pull them. There's so many different diseases that, unless you have extensive knowledge it's sometimes hard to diagnose.
  19. Systemically-acquired resistance (SAR)
    1.Induced resistance in plants exposed to certain compounds
    2.Response may be local (LAR) or systemic (SAR)
    3.Non-specific (apply virus – resistance to bacteria, fungi, other viruses)
    4.Inducible compounds include:
    -- salicylic acid (active ingredient
    in aspirin)
    arachidonic acid
    isonicotinic acid (INA)
    Application methods are:
    -- root drench
    -- foliar spray
    -- stem injection


    Tobacco Mosaic Virus on local lesion tobacco variety (Xanthi-nc). Application of virus inoculum to upper 1/3 of leaf on right. 7 days later, all of that leaf and all of another leaf (left) were inoculated with TMV. The left leaf, with no previous exposure, was completely infected. The right leaf, after prior local exposure, showed SAR on all previous uninfected tissue.

    so just spray aspirin or bayer on your plant at low levels and you have aqquired resistence
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    Why do people pull off leaves that eagle claw or burn? Some of that leaf can still process light. It could easily be the fact that it has too much fertilizer in the soil and is more sensitive than the other strains in there, like my small indica, which in one week became really light green in the same soil mix. It could be ph problems as well, I STILL need to buy a tester damnit.

    ^ So what exactly are you getting at? My plant has SARS? lol no I'm kidding, I am not spraying pills on my plants, the hell? Lol and at what levels? One tablet per gallon of water? What miligrams? Anyone else want to chime in on that bit of info?

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