Mosaic virus?

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  1. it certainly looks like a virus ,heres a picture of some leaves with a virus to help you ,,,,mac, download (2).jpg
  2. Damn :( thought so. Does that mean this plant is trash. And at this point is it most likely gonna spread to the rest of them. So far it’s only on one of my seven but they are already in second week of flower I have It separated in another tent right now by itself but was in close proximity even touching other plants before yesterday and have used same trimming shears on all plants. First grow with no other real problems until this pretty sad about it
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  3. just make sure pots and tools .plus hands are always cleaned after touching plants etc ,,,like that plant with the virus ive never seen a plant actually be let go in to flowering cuz most people say the yield will be small etc....but just asking have you got another place to let it flower away from your other plants just to see as an experiment what happens to a plant if you let it flower with the virus ,,any how that was just a thought ,,but it would be good to see ,,,,,,,,mac,,
  4. I've held strains for a few runs with mosaic virus and did not notice a yeild issue, and it did not seem to spread.
  5. I do have a separate 3x3 tent with an optic 2 LED I use for vegging but had it empty right now so I guess I might just finish her out in there as an experiment because I have read quite a few testimonials of folks just flowering out the suspected tmv infected and suffering little to no loss in yield. Some folks say the only negative they notice is in the aesthetics so I’ll admit I’m curious. I guess when in doubt flower her out ayy. The other six are in same room in a separate 4x4 tent under optic six LEDs so I guess I just have to up my sterilization technique and try to prevent the spread. I’ve read of people just not separating them at all even and still no spread so hopefully it will be an isolated incident. Thanks for the input it’s greatly appreciated
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  6. Thank you my friend you give me hope i have read about a few similar cases as well so I’m hoping it comes out ok
  7. thank you for the opinion my friend, I don’t smoke cigarettes and do to lack of spread I suppose it’s possible but thing is I transferred them on 3/04/18 into some fresh FFOF from 3 gallons to 5 and haven’t fed since so idk still not feeding em anything so I guess we’ll see

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  8. FFOF is a very 'hot' soil I always recomend a dilution of 25% perlite or clean river sand

    not feeding the plants with any commercial bottled sewage and with ample food

    FFOF can be re used with ease with little re amending

    good luck
  9. Yea I mixed about 30 percent perlite10-20% ff light warrior and 50-60% ffof and 2 tbs of dolomite in each pot in for the whole mix. And was using the fox farms three part nutes before transfer. Hopefully it is just the soil being a little hot because the ffof makes up most of the mix for sure
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  10. it will be good to actually see the end product ,,,,virus's are/have been used in the Dutch Tulip business ,,Tulips with fancy Petals etc ,,,so you never know you might get a surprise ,,mac,,
  11. Very interesting and thanks again for the information my friend. I’ll try and post some pictures of the results
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