Mosaic virus contagious?

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  1. I have been reading a lot on these forums about mosaic virus and its really sketching me out. I have had black rose strain in my garden now since about June. The guy I got the clones said it may or may not have mosiac virus. The verdict is that it definitley does...its been growing next to and touching other plants in veg and bloom. I have never seen any sign if other plants catching the virus. Aparently it is very contagious and can be transfered in many ways. I love this strain and don't want to lose it. Don't want to ruin the rest of my garden either...any advice?
  2. can you post a pic
  3. If it is truly Mosaic.

    U will need the following:

    the plant.
    some paper or kindling.
    an accelerant, such as gasoline.
    an igniter, such as a match or lighter.
    a fire container.

    and a box of kleenex...

  4. It is a virus. Very contagious one at that. Will spread to your plant and move through the plasmodesmota channels and infect every cell in your plant. There is no cure, as it is a protein and not organic matter a fire will not destroy it either. This is all if you have TBMV but i doubt you do :)

  5. Wow lol.

    What kinda chemistry do they teach on the planet u came from dude lol :eek: ???

    virus=protein=organicmatter. Fire will kill it good.

    Are u drunk Vodkanerd ???

  6. Can't post image now I'm using my blackberry...I do know that my buddy smoked a lot of rollie cigs right outside his grow tent in his garage. Very good posibility that it is...symptoms match pics from "rusty" on this forum....even though it hasn't spread so far what are the chances that it will.
  7. Have u read the sticky on MV in this forum ???

    Chances are, that it wont spread qiuckly. Alotta times plants
    wont exhibit signs, but their clones and seeds will transmit.

    It is mostly seed-borne and clone transmission. But plants touching each other
    is a no - no.

    How have u diagnosed this affliction ???

  8. I haven't yet had a definite diagnosis yet, just going off comparisons of my symptoms to pics on forums as well as my buddy who has been growing for at least ten years. I want to keep the strain, its so beautiful but I don't have the space to quarentine it. Maybe I should just order some new seeds from Heath.
  9. Is everything else in order ???

    Ph, water, nutes, lights, temps, RH, ventilation ???

    U must rule these out first.

  10. Oh yeah, everything is dialed. The rest of my garden is beautiful, limiting factors are perfect, the only sick plant is the black rose from clone, the plants that were clones from that plant and the one that I grew from seed. Not a begginer here but don't know a lot about this virus. Thanks for your replies man.
  11. You are welcome.


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