Mosaic viris ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Boredontug, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Saw this on a haze plant couple weeks ago, new it was strange because it was only on a few leaves here and there thought it might be genetic, Now it is on a WW plant they are about 6 weeks in flower and do not seem to be affecting the plant in a negative way. Any info would be appreciated
    Little leaf is haze, 20180213_063003.jpg big leaf is WW
  2. heres a picture of some leaves with the Virus ..maybe this can give you some guidance ..mac/
    download (2).jpg
  3. Thanks man, just wondering where it came from, how to stop if it is a virus.
    I thought it was bullshit that a plant could catch a virus, but now that I have seen it spread I want to get rid of it
  4. depends on the type of virus ,,,plant could get it say if you smoke tobacco or even off tomato plants etc if you touch them ( i am not saying you smoke etc) you cant get rid of a virus it can cause smaller yields and pass o to other plants your have ,,,,mac.
  5. Ya that's what I read no cure was going to shut down in June for the summer anyway. Just do not know how it got in my room, no other plants in the house, non smoker, same soil I have been using for over a year
  6. Check for broad or russet mites. You'll need a microscope.
  7. I had an amnesia haze with a few leaves here and there do that when the humidity in the room dropped. I let the humidity rise to around 50% to 55% and the problem seemed to go away. Never came back. Now I have another plant from same genetics in the room and no sign of mosaic.... just my 2 cent and I'm no expert

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