Mortal Kombat (XBOX 360)

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  1. I'm sure there is already a thread. But I'm sure it is old.

    Does anyone play on the 360?

    I play it a lot and I'm pretty decent if anyone wants to play.

    The game is fun as shit, and if you never have played fighting games, this is a game to get started with. It is pretty easy once you get stuff down. Practice, and you will get the combos down. Everyone should give it a try.

    If anyone wants to play add me:

    xTwo One
  2. Hey man mortal kombat is the shit
  3. Bought it last night, brought me back to my youth!

    Question - how do I unlock fatalities? I found the list of all of them online, but only one works for each character.
  4. As far as I know, go into the Practice Fatalities in Training. And do them there. Click B for unlimited time so you can get it down. You will have to find the rnage for the 2nd fatalities though. They won't show you. Once you do it, a lil screen will pop up saying you unlocked it. Each character has 4 fatalities. 2 Normal ones, 1 Stage F, 1 Babality. You can only do the 2 normal fatalities in the practice mode.

    You can also find them out buy buying things in the Krypt.

    But honestly, I don't think you have to unlock them. In online play you should be able to do them already. I'm fairly sure, as long as you know where to stand.
  5. And for the classic ones you have to buy the classic costume from DLC right?

  6. I believe so, unless where ever you bought it....Like I bought mine at Best Buy, and inside it had the Sub-Zero classic one since I bought it from them.
  7. Who's everyone's favorite character to use?
  8. I've learned a lot of people. But my best players in order go; Quan Chi, Smoke & Shang Tsung

    I think Jade is hella fun to play with, but she is a hard player to use.
  9. I will destroy anyone here.
  10. i like scorpion.

  11. wtf...i didnt have to unlock any fatalities...they were already all working when i got it????

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