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  1. It might not be true but I think the actor that played Sub-Zero signed on for four more movies. I wonder if they will do a movie just on Sub-Zero. Reptile was killed in the movie by Kano. Fuijin would be cool. Human or cyborg? Stryker is one of the last characters that would be in a movie. They would only put the really popular characters.
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  2. Ohhh Yes A Sub-Zero Movie Would Be Lit an Maybe Use a Totally New Villain As Well or Even a Old MK Would Be Cool too tho.

    I Forgot About That Reptile Bring Killed By Kano My Bad

    I Love Fujiin Mainly Because His Tornado Powers What I Would Want if I Could Have Any of Them

    Probably Cyborg in Those Cases just IMO. Stryker is Cool AF Tho He Kinda Reminds Me if The Punisher lol.

  3. Is it because Stryker is a cop and cops aren't cool these days.
    Movie had too much shit going on beside they never even had mortal kombat in the movie wtf.
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  4. Stryker One of My Favs!!! MK Tournament Probably Gon Happen in The Next Movie...If They Do One that is.

  5. A new villain wouldn't really work in a Sub-Zero Movie, unless you want to piss off the fans.

    Fuijin is cool but I hate fighting against him(blame MKM:SZ for that lol)

    I wonder if the cyborg versions would even fit in with the setting and tone of the movie?

    How does a cop remind you of The Punisher?

    He also doesn't have a interesting backstory and the fact most of the MK community doesn't like/hates a lot of the new characters from 3 and up. The tournament is most likely going to be in the next movie.

    Pretty sure that's whats going to happen.
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    Meh Well Not All The Fans Would Be Mad. Tings Get Changed Around Alot in Movies From Video Games Just Look at Doom.

    I Think They Would Fit in Just as Well as Any Other MK Characters imo. Besides a Girl Cann Hope For it lol Same With Stryker

    He Reminds Of The Punisher Because in My Favorite MK Game Armageddon For His Ending When He He Defeats Blaze That's Basically What He Turns into.

  7. Idk, if the intro movie to a 4 part installment was that rough I dont expect it to end well.
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  8. Ohhh Are You a Fan of The Games tho?


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