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  1. Has anyone on here played the OG Morrowind? I really love that game and I'm looking to play it again, wondering if anyone has any tips on how to endure the rough start.
  2. Unmodded, Morrowind is fucking unbearable today. Definitely look for modern mods to optimize graphics and UI. You can also add additional shop keepers with unlimited gold supply if thats your type of thing.
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  3. I wouldn't attempt Skyrim without a mod update
  4. Heh, I'm not sure I'd attempt Skyrim at all anymore. I've played it so much I genuinely feel like I've seen almost everything.
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  5. Get to Balmora and join guilds asap. Hunter's, Mages, Thieves will all set you up for success with their lower level missions.

    I played way, way too much Morrowind.
  6. Haha, usually my main tactic to go quickly, but man, those quests can get tricky. I guess I'll just have to bite it and enjoy the bittersweet pain of Morrowind.
  7. I'll be honest, I just spammed the hell out of training individual skills with created spells/perks (regen life for x time, then go sit in the water wearing heavy armor to train armor, creating a lock spell and then spamming lockpick attempts to build both of those, etc), from what I remember. I started with long blade and heavy armor because I'm a sucker for just rushing into combat.

    Do you also constantly jump around to get your athleticism up? Hahaha
  8. I grinded a lot of my magic skills when I did a pure mage playthrough (the best!). Other than that I never grinded many skill, they just increased on their own.

    Also, I originally jumped around just to get my acrobatics up but I developed the habit of doing it no matter what haha.
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