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  1. basically got some morphine 15mg each for 4$ a piece ..

    they say abg 15 on each of em..

    never really fucked with morphine before took a 15mg today was feeling pretty damn good..

    but yeah .. was 4$ a piece a good price for that or did i get ripped off:smoke:
  2. u high son? thats a wicked good deal. I would have booted it tho
  3. ohhh haha i had no time to do any of that maynnn.. just swallowed 1 nd i nodded pretty hard for a few hours feelin madd nice a little still .. i felt like i was gunna throw up at first hahah
  4. yeah morphine is weak when swallowed, 1 more hour till i get me some h:hello:
  5. Yeah man, those are legit and at a pretty damn good price, too. Enjoy it. I'm opiated as well haha
  6. hahaha i didnt kno .. it was a spur of the moment thing haha

  7. haha yea wat you got
  8. You're only feeling 3.75-5mg of morphine out of that pill (oral BA is shit).. $4 for 15mg's is ridiculously expensive, I get the 30mg IR's for $2-3 when they come around and get the 60mg ER's for $5-6 depending on how many of them I buy.

    Morphine is only worth it when you get it cheap, plug it or (my fav.) shoot it.
  9. I saw a guy bump at a party when I was 15, I will never forget it. He was fairly normal before and holy fuck he was stumbling around and slurring his words like a major fucking 'tard after. He got the shit beat out of him at the party and loved it after the bump. Go ahead and bump the shit like Dram said if you don't give a fuck, but make no mistake, once you do you are choosing to chase the dragon.

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    alright man thats cool man considering i felt pretty damn good and.... not all of us have connects for alot of pills like you do
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    Yesicancancan stfu, last time I shot morphine was about a year ago and I'm not feinding for it or pawning shit.. It rarely comes around here and since I'm not a big fan of oxy and am very iffy about shooting anything with a filter I haven't touched a needle in ages.

    I do pills occasionally but the only thing I do with an regularity is smoke weed. Now, if you don't mind, stop talking like you know how shits going to turn out because you're just a dumb ass that needs to be shown the door.

    Not everyone who uses a drug once, twice, a few times is an addict nor is everyone who uses a needle always going to be an IV user. :rolleyes:
  12. Oh and I have extended-release Hydrocodone cough syrup.. that stuff is the shit, gets you leaning pretty hardcore and it lasts strong for 6 hours then you come down with a decent high for another 6 or so. Tastes like golden honey too.
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    alright man. well once again... spur of the moment thing i dont have the Wikipedia of Dramacyde drug prices in my head today ...

    didnt mean to offend you for basically paying the dude wit a few nickel bags of sum Mids Lol
  14. You got off with a decent price, Dramacyde just happens to have better hook-ups from his years of dangerous, often violent drug abuse, mostly slamming needles into himself to get his IV fix.

    Just playing Dramacyde, I know that's not the case I'm just high and joking around. :wave:
  15. You are of course right, but it is that one time you shoot and are off in la-la land shit happens back here in the RW that you have no fucking clue about that counts. I don't know if that guy was an addict or not, I only met him the once... My best friend of over 20 years grows his own poppies though so it isn't like I do not know what happens. Any way you cut it bumping is bad for business as you lose time, even my best bud agrees to that. See it some other way if you like but that is life, but this is GC :)

    GL all.
  16. This is GC and you are in Pandora's Box, get used to it.

    It's something called "knowing your limits" and another thing called "priorities" that keep people like me from being the idiot at your party.

    Say what you want, I'm not going to argue anymore. You have your belief and I have my experience.
  17. "drama"-cyde / please dont jack my thread man just ignore him calling you an addict. it doesnt matter
  18. Morphine is one of my favourite drugs.
    I personally think shootings the only way to go

    I didn't really read all the stuff before this, Half didn't seem to make sense.
    but anyone who thinks you're hooked from the get go is 99% of the time, someone who's never tried it themselves.
  19. The one time i tried to bang morphine it burned like a bitch. I prefer to just rail it when I do get it. Either way enjoy the feeling.
  20. did you miss the vein?

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