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Morphine tabs *HELP*

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BigOrange², Jun 17, 2008.

  1. After waiting for several days, i finally got the 15mg Morphine from a friend. I found out they are controlled release, and also found out that morphine is weak once it goes through your system.

    My question is, how can i achieve some kind of effects off of these? Ive searched around but havent had much luck.


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  2. I don't do pills, but I would think that if you crush and snort them, or if you don't want to snort them (I wouldn't blame you) crush them, and then just swallow the powder. That should destroy the time release system, and multiply the surface area by several dozen at least, so they will hit a lot faster.
  3. I don't think Morphine and weak go together.

    I've taken plenty of them and they feel great......
  4. I havent snorted anything in a long time, since I used to do blow back in the day, so my nose is in good health right now, and since these pills are so tiny, I dont mind snorting them..

    Has anyone had experience with these specific pills 15mg pills?
  5. been a big popper... never snorted....
  6. I cant imagine snorting any kind of powder....it just sounds unpleasant. I cant imagine the feeling of it in your nose:confused:
  7. morphine is actually kind of weak if you don't shoot it. Do you only have those two?
    30mg of mscontin ain't shit tho homie. If thats all you have, you either need to plug it or shoot it to feel anything, unless you way like >120 lbs. If thats too extreme, try to parachute like 80mg,or more if you're a big guy. That should get you nodding. Don't snort it tho, complete waste.
  8. Definitely not an issue with drugs like morphine or oxycodone. Sure it sucks snorting tylenol, but snorting a pile of oxy codone is just mmmmmm. its bangin. The drip is great too. I say snort those pills for best effects, snorting morphine is fine.
  9. I seem to be getting mixed messages on whether to snort it or not.. I have a fast metabolism, i weigh about 145 and im a guy.

    And yes, i do only have these two, equally 30mg all together.

    EDIT: I also have one 5/325 Percocet, should i just mix it all together with the morphine?
  10. the vast majority of that pill will be wasted if you snort it, and you don't have enough to feel anything strong if you just pop it ( probably equivalent to ~10 mg of oxycodone). shooting it or pluggin it are your real only options if you wanna nod ( honestly, why do any opiates if you don;t take it to the point where youre noddin'). If you're uncomfortable with that though, just save it until you get more opiates. oh and make sure you got dank haha
  11. WHat ? Thats the dumbest shit ive heard. Why not take them if you dont dip out ? Maybe because the high is just as good when youre not nodding out? Dumbass thats some true drug addict talk, learn to appriciate small amouints of the drug. you suck
  12. Apparently it's actually MORPHINE SULFATE SR 15 MG ... Im not sure if this means sustained-release or not. And if so, what does sustained release even mean?
  13. haha, fuckin' woah dude. You got some serious anger problems lol. I don't spend all my cash on opiates, so when the time arises, I make sure I do enough to get noddin'. Nodding out is one of the most blissful experiences drugs can offer, so I would assume that most people share my viewpoint.

    Isn't spacing out your drugs so you can stay high for a long time a little bit more desperate than just using it all at once? I don't know, your method sounds more like something an addict would do.
  14. i cant imagine shootin anythin
  15. I ended up just crushing up the 2 morphine pills, and my 5/500 Percocet and parachuting them on an empty stomach.. Been an hour and im not feeling it. :(
  16. drink a few beers (alcohol is an opiate potentiator)and smoke some bud. You'll feel something.
  17. maybe add some benzos, ganja, a little bit of alcohol, maybe some benadryl? all opiate potentiators
    30mg morphine and 5mg oxycodone isnt what i would call a good dose, but im so opiate tolerant i cant really judge these days.
    like others stated, morphine has a weak oral bioavailability, it is best to shoot if your lookin to get fucked up, but is also quite dangerous if you dont know what your doing

    if i was you, id def pop a few valium, have a drink or 2, and smoke a nice blunt or joint and see where that takes you, should be feelin good by half time of the lakers game :smoke:
  18. He's dead now.
  19. Haha.. I ended up taking LegitBaller's advice and took some Benadryl, and took a couple shots. I definitely was feeling drunker than i should have off 2 shots of Jack Daniels, and i felt the opiate itch, so i know it was there.

    Thanks for you replies everyone, ill be sure not to buy these again, its just 15mg morphine pills sounded good to me, so i bought them.. haha.
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